I am Running Again {after 3 months off - Let's cover the Basics}

running slowly.jpg

Coming back after such a long break has been really different, I am so excited to get back to running but I am also so scared of getting injured again. I am really taking it slow and easy and I have started a YouTube Video series called PODS that will act as my way of working through all of that is going through my mind as I transition back into running.

Mistake #1

was to go on a group run during the first week back.. More on that in this POD right here...

Mistake #2

was to try to run too much, but luckily I slowed myself down and committed to running every other day for the first 2 weeks.


I needed to slow down.. and use my heart rate monitor again, and so I did. I got it out again and am now using it every run, keeping my heart rate low and doing my thing.. which I talk all about in this pod >



Then I decided to hold myself to some sort of routine or training plan that I think will help me stick to something consistent without over training. So I spoke to Coach Gwen and we came up with a plant to run every other day, only 4-6 miles each time, for the first two weeks.

This all made me think more about you guys and all the people out there who are just now getting into training/ running.. How the heck are you guys figuring it out without access to GWEN? It must not be easy, I am lucky that I have access to his knowledge that is for sure.

So this made me decide to make a really comprehensive Blog Post about RUNNING 101 for Beginners - that covers all the basics of what you need and do not need, what to focus on, what to avoid, how much to run, how fast/slow, how often, etc when you are starting out as a new runner or coming back from a big injury.

Hopefully I get around to creating that post in the next few weeks for you all, I am actually really excited about it.

As for me, I have just finished up my first week of running again and I feel great. It feels so good to get back out there and run with my doggies. Even though we are having SO MUCH FUN skate skiing, RUNNING holds a special spot in my heart.

I also have been really sick as you may know, which has made it much more difficult to be consistent with my training - my big goals for 2018 were really quickly slowed down as I got sick right away.. But it was probably for the best, to keep me from injuring myself and to test how I would handle not being able to push hard like I wanted to. Now that I am not sick I appreciate the ability to do more, and so I am respecting it more.. I think.

Anyway, that is it for now you guys and if you have any thoughts about getting back to running after a break or is you are new to running or want to run, stay tuned for that post about running 101!  :)

Go eat some plants, do it right and eat whole foods, tips, inspiration and recipes are here on our Blog and in our YouTube channel where these POD series are really getting a lot of info out to you guys!