Our First Campaign! {100 Mile World-Record Attempt}

In America; One in Two men will be diagnosed with cancer in their life, and for women that statistic is one in three. Out of those people diagnosed, half of them will die prematurely due to the cancer.

That is real you guys! 

Even us runners get cancer, but us eating mostly plant-based have a much lower risk, nearly 50% lower than the general population!


It has been a few weeks since I have made a blog post, and I think it is because I have been pretty crazy with making my YouTube PODS (short, almost daily, fun videos on various topics related to running and food), running again with Gwen and getting ready to unveil our big 100 mile world-record to our community, sponsors and you all.

So here is what we are up to…

We FINALLY LAUNCHED our Non-Profit / Charity Plant-Positive and our first official campaign/project will be this run.

You are probably thinking what the heck is going on exactly? I see fire gear, running, world-record, all these terms flying around but what is actually happening and when?

Gwen is planning on setting a world record to be the 1st person to run 100 miles in FULL FIREFIGHTER gear- the turnout, the fire boots and the helmet (does not need to wear the breathing pack and air). 

The goal is to do so to raise awareness about the powerful role that food and lifestyle plays in cancer prevention.

If you are here on our blog it probably does not come as a shock to you that eating a plant-based diet is the number one way Americans can take control of their pathways to getting or not getting cancer. Regardless of if this is your first time hearing that, or if you know very well the power of foods, we want to make this message main-stream.

That is why we are making a documentary about it - and we need your help (checkout our fundraiser here).

For this campaign we are stoked to be teaming up with the American Institute for Cancer Research, (AICR) who are leading the way in the field of cancer prevention, which in our opinion should be front and center to us all… considering the fact that Americans are at such high risk…

According to the AICR, nearly 50% of the most common cancers can be prevented! 50% guys! That is exciting stuff. 

What is also exciting is they have amazing resources, recommendations and guidelines for us all to follow to achieve that reduction in risk.

They have gathered ALL of the available science, population studies and data, and work closely with the World Health Organization to come out with their 10 Cancer Prevention Recommendations! They even recommend eating a Plant-Based Diet as one of their 10 recommendations, along with other extremely important information that is particularly pertinent to Americans daily lives, like avoid processed meat and reduce red meat consumption, cut down on alcohol, breastfeed your baby and reduce salt consumption. 


It is all good and peachy to tell people to stop smoking and avoid cancer causing agents like plutonium and coal-tars; but honestly how many times per day are Americans actually exposed to those things? And don’t most people know that those things are bad for their health?

What is really cool is that the AICR is attacking the MAIN issue for Americans, which is their highest exposure to a group 1 carcinogen, PROCESSES MEAT

IARC how much meat.jpeg

Many Americans are exposed to this group 1 carcinogen 3 times per day, for breakfast lunch and dinner and yet they have no idea it is causing cancer in their body, that will likely kill them.


So that is why we are so incredibly excited to be working in partnership with such a progressive and un-biased organization. 

If you are wondering why this information is not main stream, why the doctors are not warning everyone to avoid processed meat and limit read meat.. look back at what happened in the 1950's when doctors were advocating for CIGARETTES, as healthy, a good option for weight loss, proven to be less irritating and more healthful than other types, blah blah blah on and on goes the marketing and hype.


This happened because DOCTORS THEMSELVES SMOKED! So of course they are not going to say that it is bad or to stop. 



We are currently in the fundraising and story-line process of creating the documentary about it all, to share personal stories of people who have changed their life for the better, cancer prevention, and all we do and love.

We made a short documentary teaser, which is not a trailer, it is just to give you an idea of what we want to achieve with the documentary. Please watch it, here:



  • The guinness-book world-record requires a few specific things of us, and we defiantly are seeking assistance, donations, support to make it all happen.
  • We need 2 verified gps tracking devices on Gwen at all time.
  • We need continuous video footage to prove it all.
  • We need “witnesses” at aid stations.
  • We need support people and pacers.
  • He will need to wear approved gear at all “moving” times during the run, however he can stop and change socks, under layers and temporarily remove gear during stopped times.


  • The 100 mile RUN will take place on April 28th, 8am start. 
  • We are thinking that it will take about 30-35 hours to complete.


  • Sandpoint, Idaho. The starting location will be downtown Sandpoint at the Fire Station #1 on Lake Street. The course is set up to run from fire station #1, along the bike path out to the Dover Fire Station where the second aid station will be. 
  • The course is public, all flat and 99% pavement with only about 100 meters of dirt path/road. 
  • Gwen will start with a small loop around first street downtown before making his way out to the course.


  • Gwen will run about 15 out and back’s on the course to accumulate 100 miles.
  • He needs pacers and we are asking our friends, fellow runners, firefighters and the community to help out!
  • The course is set up so people can ride a bike next to Gwen, as I will be on a bike filming for most of the run. We do not expect you all to run with him if you are not a runner, so please come ride next to him!
  • We have a pacer and support sign up sheet available, so please email us if you are interested in helping out! 

Send emails to: hello@plant-positive.org


  • Another good gps watch with an extremely good battery life would be nice

Aid-Station food: fresh oranges, bananas, other plant based foods, please email if interested in helping with this.


We were curious about that too, so we put it to the test.

Gwen laced up his new firefighting boots, put on his turnout gear and went for a 40 mile TEST RUN!

Watch the video/Vlog here to see how it went!