Long Run Nutrition Tips



So wanted to share with you some inside tips to training nutrition during long runs, inspired by our VLOG 19- HELLS CANYON ADVENTURE RUN & CAMPING TRIP

So check that out here and watch it real quick.. the rest of this post will probably make more sense after watching it.


#1. Practice practice practice.. If you want to feel your best on race-day, use your long runs to practice race-day nutrition


We have been experimenting with different packaged baby foods- the plant based ones. Our favorite ones so far are ones that are banana based.. a few reasons for this, 1- more calories, the issue with the baby food is that they are lower in calories than gels, and you want the most calories per weight, so choosing banana / rice based ones will give you more calories.

-usually baby food is about 60-90 calories, banana based ones are closer to 90. (We love the Peter Rabit Organic brand of baby food)

#3. STOMACH ISSUES WITH GELS? Fruit may be a better option for you

- the thing about gels is that they are processed usually.. the energy in them usually comes from a variety of different sugars, great for giving lots of calories but the fact that they are processed sugars often leads to stomach issued mid race.

We have found that our bodies like to consume real fruit during runs over gels, but it can be tricky to eat and this is why we have experimented so much with different stuff.

Our #1 go to for this is really liquid banana smoothies, we call this banana water. We blend bananas and water and sometimes a few dates and green tea powder into a very liquid smoothie that can go into a hydration pack or bottles.

We then consume that during long runs (we didn't in this video because we were camping) and it provides calories from whole-foods (fruit) and hydration all in one go.

We like doing this more than using processed junk like tailwind.

We find fewer digestion issues during the runs, and its just better for us!


If your run is more of a workout with less time for stopping, stick to baby food and easier to chew/consume calories during runs.

However if your on more of an adventure run that is laid back and you will have time to slow down and take snack breaks, then try our eating something more solid.. CLIF BARS are vegan, so we like them... FIG BARS, BAKED POTATOES, whatever you crave during long runs, please make it healthy though.. and remember the long runs are your chance to practice with this stuff, so make sure you are practicing nutrition during long runs.


if you do not enjoy your long-runs, you will not be able to keep it up. Keep big goals in mind, but remember that this sport is about the love of running and the outdoors. If you are in it for other reasons, just stop running please.. just get out of the sport and take up marathon road running or something and leave the trails to us!!


If you guys have not yet considered cutting out processed foods and going more plant based to improve your running,.. you really should.

Especially if you want to loose a few lbs and get leaner.. Going whole-food-plant-based will get you there without counting calories or restricting portions, seriously the weight comes off easy..

For meal ideas, recipes, inspiration and more- checkout our cookbook, recipe section, youtube videos on vegan food.. and just try it out.

Also message us or send us an email if you have questions, we are happy to help you! And we even have some spaces available to coach a few more runners transitioning to a plant-based diet, we do that through Patreon, so check that out!

We love you guys, HAPPY RUNNING

-Katie ... and gwen.. he is sitting right here.. <3