Chocolate Mousse Recipe {Adapted for runners} High-Carb, Low-Fat & Oil-Free!

This recipe has a secret ingredient that all runners must love.. sweet potatoes are key in plant-based athletes nutrition and overall yummy profile :)

This recipe is so easy, it is oil-free, it is high-carb, it is made from WHOLE FOODS, it is epic, it is not crap..

We make this all the time, and we think you guys will too! 

Steaming sweet potatoes is a weekly thing for us, we always keep steamed sweet potatoes in the fridge so when we want to make something like this it is ready! We use an Insta-Pot or rice cooker/steamer! 

PLEASE comment below and let us know if you like it, love it, changed it, why how what when?

We love you guys!