Q&A Video: Fun ways you can Support us {PATREON - and get something back}

Hey you guys, we recently started our Patreon Page so we can interact more with you folks and be more helpful. The issue with youtube is that it is too open and too big. If we do not really keep our videos short and on-topic, it is not successful.

Therefore we found that it doesn't really work for us to take questions on Youtube and really connect there.. and we knew there was another way to be more helpful and answer questions from people that really care about running and plants.

We follow really great people like The Ginger Runner and Sage Canaday who both have Patreon Pages, (and we support them both on there too)... and the idea was born.. we need to do this too so we can be more helpful to you guys.

Here is one of our videos from our Patreon Only page. Basically you can join at different levels and receive different perks in exchange. Starting at just $1/month you can make a big difference supporting us.

Currently we both are not devoted 100% to Plant Positive Running because we have to make money and pay the bills. But with your help, we can slowly grow our Patreon support so we can focus more and more on helping you and providing more content, feedback and videos for you guys. 

At the $5/month level you get to watch our monthly training talks and Q&A's.

Here is a sneak peak at what that is.. so please please please.. if you want to support us, we could really use the monthly support that Patreon offers.. so check that out here!

We love you guys!

-Katie and Gwen

Also.. we found this video from NutritionFacts.org to be particularly interesting right now because the entire idea of us starting this site and our Non-Profit is to inspire people to EAT MORE PLANTS.. we think you would appreciate his video.

And if you have not seen any of his videos, this is our #1 nutrition resource!