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Hey friends, hope your wednesday is going really well. Summer is coming and it is time to hit the trails running.

But first, lets talk about this trail shoe by ALTRA.. You guys know that Altra is our favorite shoe!

It is the Altra King MT, a shoe that Gwen and I have been curious about for a while but have not yet had a chance to try it on..

Luckily we don't have to because our team member Frank owns a running store in Germany and him and his co-runner Malte just wrote a great review of the shoe, so here it is!

Review Altra King MT 2017 A long distance review at MIUT 2017 (115 km, 7.100m altitude)

altra king mt

After I had the chance to see the Altra King MT on Instagram, I was so happy when the package arrived at Frank’s "Ausdauershop Hummel“ (German vegan running store).

First impression: lightweight Vibram outsole very aggressive profile very flat, Zero Drop very comfortable fit a lot of space for your toes, like all Altra shoes.

The first run over my home track (16k’s, 2300m altitude) - the first km are concrete-road and the shoe is fast. The profile with it’s studs don’t disturbed the running here.

My first impression: A very comfortable shoe! Now it’s getting interesting as I reach the forest and the first single trail is waiting. The sole is digging deep in the loose surface and provides plenty of grip. A first fast turn shows what I have excepted: PURE GRIP and an incredible feedback.

Fortunately, my concerns that the sole is too thin and don’t provide enough support was not confirmed. The good thing with my home track is that I can compare new shoes with my other ones as I know where the shoes have their problems on this course. I know where it’s slippery or I need support. After two more runs I am confident and made my decision: The Altra King MT will be the shoe for the Madeira Island Ultra Trail.

I will put the Altra Lone Peak 3.0 in the drop-bag that I can switch the shoe if my choice was wrong and I need something more comfortable. Madeira Island Ultra Trail 2017 (MIUT 2017) The MIUT provides a wide range of different surfaces and is very technical and challenging. Primarily the course provides stairs & steps in all kind of shape: Stone, metal, wood, cobblestone, loose forest surface, washed-out rivers… And all this is the perfect underground and terrain for the Altra King MT. I never regretted to pick this shoe for this race.

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That was the best choice I did. It is very comfortable, fast drying fabric. My feet never slide in the shoe and it didn’t provide any problems. Even on wet stones the shoe provides an amazing grip that I could race that last 25 km of downhill easily. It was no problem to race the last 19km with a pace of 5:30/Min - 5:20/Min. I just enjoyed it and felt very secure with the shoe. The sole and the shoe provides an amazing feedback without letting the rough underground through the sole.

The concept of this shoe is amazing. After 115km, 23:16 hours over hills and valleys, I can tell that the Altra King MT is just the right shoe if there is more to run and the trail gets very technical. Like all other Altra shoes you are running „Zero Drop“ without noticing this. I strongly advice every runner who wants to try this shoe or other models of Altra to get slowly used to the Zero Drop concept.

Hammer on!

- Malte

To purchase the shoe in EUROPE, make sure you order from Frank's Vegan Running Store in Germany, order online here!

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