I am Back to Running {Time to get a COACH!}

I am Back to Running {Time to get a coach!}


3 days straight of running, it has been freaking amazing :)


I know I should have eased into it more slowly but the first “run” I did was more of a hike anyway, up a gentle climb with some friends. I planned on just walking while they all ran and before I knew it I found myself feeling really good and running 30 seconds, walking 30 seconds! I was shocked, i was going up and I had NO sharp pain over my knee! WOHOOO!!

I was having so much fun with the pups I ended up going probably 1.5 miles up before I realized I should turn back because hey, it was only day 1 back to running!


The crazy thing was that I ran the entire way down because it felt better than walking! Walking down the hill meant that I needed to bend my knee more sharply than if I were to run, and so I ran.. slow of course.. but I was running!!!

Day 2, group run with our local running group.. I was planning on walking again and maybe just running some of it. I started running with everyone and we had about .4 miles of flat road before we got to the trail, after about 2 minutes I was feeling pain in my knees and I was about to turn back and walk.. But then a thought crossed my mind, what if I just go until the trail, and if the trail also hurts ill stop and walk back…

and it didn’t.. It was like night and day, the road hurt so bad, everywhere.. and then immediately once on the trail (which also was not flat) it was like running on clouds ! No pain! So I kept going, and going, and going.. and before I knew it I had run 3.5 miles!!!
Holy Shit!!!

Was that a bad idea? Did I go into running too much it too quickly? But it felt good? Am I going to regret that tomorrow? The thoughts flooded in as I overanalyzed everything as I usually do.. 

And then I caught myself and STOPED the thoughts.

Something I am working on lately is to be less analytic, use less of my regional, worry-prone, heaving-thinking side of my brain… and use more of my intuitive, gut-feeling side..

So I am not worrying about any of it- at least while I recover.. Once I start training again, I want to be rested, refreshed and ready to go!!!

It felt good, I had fun, I ran, I am happy as heck.. that is it.

Tomorrow I may rest, I may not. I don't know, I don't care, I will see how I feel when I wake up.

And this is how my recovery goes.

… by the way I am also starting to do a lot more strength work, body weight stuff mostly with a set of 10lb dumbbells I have.  Squats, deadlifts, band-work, plank, core, etc.. 

I found a really helpful video on Runners Knee, recovery, exercises, etc. I think you just like like it as much as I did!!!

I am not going to over-train this time.. I am going to run SMART when I get back to really training.. 

And that is why I have decided to GET A COACH!

I am “hiring” coach Gwen to make my Training Plan, it will include running, nordic skiing, weight-training and stretching. 

If you guys want to see more about how our coaching works, checkout our plans here and follow my training this winter!

Love you guys,

Happy trails - Katie

This past spring with the pups!

This past spring with the pups!

Our favorite nutrition talk of all time!! 

you will learn a lot from this one, and its fun to watch! :)

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