Building a Running Community!!!


Meet James! 

James came to us so so happy to be a part of what we are doing! He was our first donor to Plant Positive (non-profit) and he is a huge part of our movement! James is a Runner, Traveler, and positive contributor to the running community! Member since February 2017.

Meet Kelly!

Owner of Plant-Based Coffee Shop and Smoothie Bar: Bunkhouse Coffee Bar in Jensen Beach Florida! Team member since January, 2017

Meet Patrick!

Patrick is an avid Ultra-Runner, dad, and great addition to our team! He lives in Evergreen CO with his wife Jennifer, 2 daughters and 2 crazy dogs! He has been running for only 4 years but has quickly fallen in love and loves taking on big challenges (like running ultra-marathons after only 4 years of running!!!) Patrick has been vegan for about 12 months now and lost 45 lbs since the start of his running, and the difficult last 15 lbs only came off after his transition to a plant-based diet.

Team member since February 2017.

Meet Frank! 

Frank is a plant-based runner in Germany, he is a big player in this movement and has opened the FIRST VEGAN RUNNING STORE IN GERMANY!  Hummel-Ausdaur-Shop  is changing the way runners see running in Germany, leading by example and showing a more compassionate, healthy and positive way! 

His wife Pat is extremely inspiring and has the best Instragram every! Check it out here on her Instagram Account @anahatapat Team member since April 2017.

Meet Stephanie (@happy_raw_vegan)

Stephanie is a good friend who we met through the YouTube community and have had the pleasure of spending lots of time with this inspiring women! She was once a professional Tennis player from Switzerland :) Member since February 2017

Meet Pete!

Pete and his wife Jaclyn are making some noise in the endurance/ironman scene! Proving that you can be strong, competitive and healthy as a vegan athlete!  Team member since May 2017.

Meet Wiebke & Chili Pepper!

Wiebke (from Germany) has been running for 20 years of and on, but has just recently taken up a new love for the trails, the outdoors and running to enjoy it with the help of her 4-legged companion Chili Pepper! Being a long-time vegetarian, Wiebke has just made the switch to fully plant-based (thanks to our other Team member Frank) and can all ready feel the difference! Wiebke and Chilli Pepper look forward to being part of this inspiring community of like-minded runners! Team member since May, 2017

Meet Nadine,

Nadine is just starting her journey to plant-based trail running. She is taking on new challenges and is not scared to grown and change! Member since March 2017

Meet Emily,

Emily is from France and just discovered running this year! She is studying in France to pursue her passions and has found that eating healthy and running allow her to live a better life and start the day feeling positive and energized :) Team member since May 2017

katie and roo


Hey you guys!

vegan nachos

Happy Cinco De Mayo and we hope that May has been awesome for you so far!! Hope you guys are also eating some really yummy MEXICAN food today, we will be making sure ours is oil-free and plant-based to keep our running in tip top condition!

So this is something Gwen and I have been thinking about a lot lately, how can we form this non-profit and movement that is not just about us.. but is about all of you. One that is about the community and the movement of amazing individuals.. it is not easy... But we think we are on to something! (However we want your help, your feedback and suggestions).

We are currently in the process of starting a non-profit organization, we think it will be called Plant Positive, (still working on the name) however our mission and core values are set for sure!

We will exist to inspire people to eat more plants and follow their passion! 


Why??? Well our why is because we know how incredibly powerful this can be, for individuals, for health but also for the planet. 

When you start making choices that are aligned with your core values, your ethics and your beliefs, you feel so much better about everything... It makes us happier.. and then we start to do more good things that make us even more happy. This is a crazy spiral of positive momentum. And it all starts with your why.. our why.. our values, and following through.

So many people ask us how we have created this life, what do we actually do for a living, how can we live this dream like life? Well.. it starts back a few years ago when we decided to start making better choices.

It didn't happen over night, but what did happen over night is we started following our passions and letting that guide our life. Then what happened next was 4 years of crazy adventure, love, activism, plant based food and extreme health. We came out the other end with an epic life we love, living passionately every day, loving every moment and sharing that positivity with you all.

Now we want to expand and help the world find this.. find what drives them and what makes them truly happy. This is why we are starting this non-profit and this community.

roo and katies feet

The process of starting a non-profit takes about 6 months - 1 year before we are fully a charity, so until we get that and our official website to start accepting donations.. We started a PATREON page. We started that now because we truly believe that if you wait until everything is perfect, you will never go.. we act when we feel it is right, when we are inspired, and we are inspired to get this message out to more people NOW!!



the ginger runner

So what is next?

How do we create a community based non-profit? Well we are all ready doing it, but we really want to know what it is that you are seeking in a community?

Do you watch The GINGER RUNNER LIVE videos?

Do you participate in that chat room? Do you like this system? What other communities are you a part of and how do we actually create a community that is about all of us..

This is what we are after.. We want to make people feel like they are a part of something bigger than themselves, that they belong to this community.. This PLANT POSIVE COMMUNITY!

We think we are going to start doing LIVE shows on YouTube where we have various different Guests on that inspire us (Somewhat like Rich Roll and The Ginger Runner combined)! BUT WE WANT A CHAT ROOM WHERE YOU GUYS ASK THE QUESTIONS.. where you are just as big of part of the show as we are!!!!!

What do you think?  We are also going to be putting on challenges, adventures, and events where we can ALL participate in actively from wherever we are on the planet!!!

 click the photo to checkout our Patreon Page!

click the photo to checkout our Patreon Page!

Basically we need your help in so many ways.. your advice, your support, spreading the word, taking part of our adventures and activities!

So please stop by our PATREON page, and subscribe to support us if you feel passionate about our mission. Every Single Dollar Helps!!!

Watch this video first!!!

We love you guys, and please please please share the video, comment below and help us in any way you feel inspired to!

-Katie and Gwen