The 100th Mile in Boots {FAQ's about the 100 mile run & How to be involved}

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FAQ's- Questions and Answers, all the things that you need to know.. hopefully!

Q: What is the event all about, why?

A: It is all about raising awareness about how you can prevent cancer by living a healthy lifestyle. We want to get this message out there and we know that in todays world, that means doing something crazy to get attention. 

Now that we have your attention because Gwen is crazy enough to combine his passion for ultra-running and for firefighting into a one-of-a-kind deal, to be the first person to run 100 miles in FULL firefighter gear - including the boots.

Also this event is acting as the first official project that we are doing with , our newly created non-profit. Our mission with Plant-Positive is to educate, empower and inspire people to increase their health and the health of the planet. How we do that is by promoting eating lots and lots of fruit, vegetables, beans, whole-grains, nuts and seeds; and by being active outside! We do this all in a fun and engaging way by hosting events, doing crazy things, and working with other organizations and you all to get the word out about how dramatically affective living a healthy lifestyle can be on your health and the health of the planet.

Q: Who are the official Partners?

A: For this project specifically we have teamed up the The American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR) to provide the information about cancer prevention. We have teamed up with Selkirk Fire Department to help us make it happen here in Sandpoint. And finally we have teamed up with Scott Rulander to tell the story in a film (see below). 

You can find much more information about CANCER PREVENTION, The AICR and how you can take steps today to reduce your risk, on our previous blog post here.

We are proud to be advocating for the American Institute for Cancer Research's 10 CANCER PREVENTION RECOMMENDATIONS. All of which we live by day-to-day and fully support and believe in. They are the most perfect partner for this event and do amazing, honest, un-biased and true work.

We are proud to be advocating for the American Institute for Cancer Research's 10 CANCER PREVENTION RECOMMENDATIONS. All of which we live by day-to-day and fully support and believe in. They are the most perfect partner for this event and do amazing, honest, un-biased and true work.

Also the FIREFIGHTER CANCER SUPPORT NETWORK will be present during the event to support and reach out to those locally in need.

Not official partners but definitely worth mentioning are: MSA, GLOBE & HAIX (firefighting & Safety organizations) who have all donated valuable and important gear to the cause to make it all happen! Also SKOUT BACKCOUNTRY for donating Whole-Food, Antioxidant rich, cancer fighting energy bars! Nuttzo for their amazing nut and seed butters 2GO, Moose Meadow Farm (organic Local Farm) for fresh greens, and Winter Ridge Natural Market here in Sandpoint for food.

We are also in the process of making a short documentary with local filmmaker Scott Rulander - which will tell captivating, emotional and inspiring stories of individuals from our community who have changed their lifestyles for the better and cut their chances of getting cancer.

For more info, to support us, and to see our Teaser for the Documentary and to help us with it all visit:



Q: Where is it located?

A: Sandpoint IDAHO. USA

Q: When is it? Date?

A: Start: April 28th, 8am from the Sandpoint Fire Station #1, 1123 Lake Street.

Estimated finish Sunday 29th 4pm-9pm at the Evans Brothers parking lot.

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Q: How Can I get involved?

A: You have a few options:

  1. Show up at the Sandpoint Fire station to cheer him on when he passes through (about once every 2 hours). The fire Station will be open to the public 8am-5pm Saturday the 28th and 9am-12pm Sunday the 29th. We will have tables, information about cancer prevention, volunteers, free food to sample, and an aid station set up for both Gwen and the public to take part, learn and be inspired!
  2. Run the 100th Mile in Boots WITH Gwen in your boots! (See below for details and follow our instagram stories and Sandpoint Online Facebook page for live updates about when exactly that will be).

Q: What exactly is the 100th mile in Boots?

Last training run firefighting 100 miler.jpg

A: The 100th mile is the final mile that Gwen will run during this world-record attempt- and we are going to support him by all showing up to walk/run/bike that last small mile with him wearing some sort of boots! In reality the section that we are inviting the public/you to join him on is less than a mile, but you can certently run the entire last mile if you wish.

We do not care if you walk or bike, but we do ask that you wear a pair of boots of any kind to support the huge effort that Gwen has just accomplished. Surely we can run 1 mile in our boots if Gwen just ran 99 miles in his! 

Boot ideas: Muck boots, riding boots, snowboard boots, winter boots, dress boots, fire boots, any boots!

We will be informing the community via Sandpoint Online Facebook page, when to meet us at the Sandpoint Fire Station #1 to run about .25 miles to end in the Evans Brothers Parking lot on 6ths and Church street. 


Q: How can I find out exactly what time and where to meet you to run the 100th mile in Boots with you?

A: The best way to get live updates about Gwen’s progress, the live event, or the 100th mile in boots (where to meet and when) is by following on Facebook on Sandpoint Online’s Facebook Page. 

You can of course follow and watch our Live Stories on Instagram and Facebook, however we cannot promise much as all our attention, hands and feet will be geared towards accomplishing this effort- and therefore Sandpoint Online has so generously offered to support us by getting all updates out to you via their Facebook page!

The 100th mile will take place on the bike path starting at the Sandpoint Fire Station #1, and ending in the Evans Brothers Parking lot on 6ths and Church street- which is about .25 miles. If Gwen needs to run around the block a few times to officially click off that 100th mile, he can do so upon arrival to the parking lot at Evans Brothers.

Q: Is he running in full fire gear?

A: Yes, Gwen will be running the entire 100 miles in full firefighter gear, from boots to helmet. He will not be wearing the SCBA pack as it is not considered full turn-out. However boots and helmet are! 

Q: How has he trained for it?

A: Gwen has trained for 2-3 years now for ultra-distance running, completing two different 100 mile trail races, Gwen feels up for the challenge. He has focused the last 6 months on training in firefighter gear, something he has never done before at this level. He started to run in the gear this past winter, and slowly worked his way running longer and longer distances in the gear. He put it all to the test a few weeks ago when he ran his furthest thus far in the full gear: 4o miles, just shy over half the 100 mile distance he will be running next week. Watch the video below to get a feel for how it went, how hard it was and just how determined Gwen is to spread awareness about cancer prevention!


Q: Has anyone ever ran 100 miles in turnout gear before?

A: Yes but not full turn-out including the boots. A few Firefighters have ran 100 miles in the gear minus the boots, and the running 100 miles in full structure firefighting boots are what make this world-record so challenging and unknown!


Q: How heavy is all the gear?

A: All combined- about 25-30 lbs.


Q: What specific gear will he wear?

A: He will be honoring both Countries he calls home, the USA and FRANCE; by alternating between wearing full American gear and full French/European gear. Both sets of gear fully meet current standards approved to fight fires in their respected countries.

MSA F1XF Helmet with our Plant-Positive custom front plate, along with MSA/GLOBE Athletix turnout.

MSA F1XF Helmet with our Plant-Positive custom front plate, along with MSA/GLOBE Athletix turnout.

The Turnout Gear is AMAZING! The American Gear is provided by MSA/GLOBE Athletix which is the leading Athletic quality gear that still meets American Specifications by the NFPA.  The American Boots are by Globe and they are also the Athletix version, which makes them much more comfortable and flexible than most however they are still quite heavy as they must meet the standards. The American Helmet is The Classic American firefighter helmet, huge, silly but awesome! The French Gear is definitely more comfortable, lightweight and breathable which is why he will probably be wearing it quite often. The French helmet is by MSA, their F1XF model which looks like a Daft Punk DJ or an alien, none the less it is one of the most comfortable, functional and safe helmets available world-wide. The French/European boots are by Haix, top of the line and athletic looking- they are actually really amazing also for firefighter boots- Yes heavy but compared to traditional ones they are phenomenal.


Q: How long will it take him?

A: We are estimating 25-40 hours. We honestly have no idea, and it is not even sure that he will finish. Often setting world-records takes multiple grueling attempts to finally succeed, and Gwen is ready for that possibility.

Q: What are Cancer Fighting Foods?

A: Plant-Based Whole foods like Berries, Beans, Cruciferous veggies, Soy, Walnuts, Whole Grains,  is the short answer, but to get the full detailed list, you can find it here on the AICR Website.



Finally, stop by our New Website for and learn more about our cause, the documentary and how to take part!