Change Everything {New Running plan, new job, new philosophy}

First let me say that this post is being written in combination with a video that is going up with it, our first real attempt at skate skiing… and also is coming out of a really big talk that Gwen and I had last night.

Thank you for being here and supporting me in my journey as I attempt to write my thoughts down in this form.. on a blog.. which is all so new to me still.

Anyway. Ok so why are we running, skate skiing, adventuring, anything this winter.. or ever? Why don’t we just work jobs and live a regular life that is easy to follow, not risky and quite frankly accepted?

These are questions we covered last night while discussing why and what drives us. 

The truth is we love pushing ourselves and becoming better, we are on a journey to see what the best version of ourselves looks like, what we are capable of and what we can accomplish. This has brought us to this strange path where we run ultra’s and formed our own non-profit.. a never ending quest to do our best, and make the world a better place while doing it. 

The past 2 years now we have been training/running lots, more than the average person, and it has gotten us lots of.. above average results.. but not spectacular.. not our best.. And we just came to realize that what we have been doing is not sufficient to meet our HUGE goals on the horizon.

Our 1st goal is this Spring, Gwen will RUN 100 MILES IN FULL FIREFIGHTER TURNOUT GEAR… which would gain him the spot for the world record. But fuck, 100 miles is hard enough with shorts and running shoes, let alone the 40+ lbs of gear and clunky boots he will have to carry! 

This will require some hard-core training, training unlike anything we have done before. Luckily this is Gwen’s challenge not mine, but I will get my dose of training I am sure!

Our 2nd goal is mid-summer: to Run the entire length of the Pacific Northwest Trail, an extremely remote 1,200 mile long trail stretching from Glacier National Park to the Pacific Ocean. This will be unlike anything I have ever done before, as we will be covering roughly 25-35 miles per day, every day for 35-40 days! This is an ultimate adventure run of my dreams, I absolutely LOVE this area of the country, and I cannot wait to take on this challenge… but I will be completely honest, running that far for that long scares the shit out of me, I have never done anything life it.. I haven't even really ever been backpacking! 

change everything thumbnail.jpg

How do I go about preparing my body to run 35 miles every day for 40 days?

What does that mean, what does that look like, what should I do now.. right now.. as I am just starting to run again after my knee issue post 100 miler.. what should we do this winter to train? All these questions plus hundreds more fill my head every day…

Last night Gwen helped me get some clarity on this. TNF50 definitely had a profound impact on him… He told me that he was not being honest with himself leading into the race, he told himself that he was training correctly and was doing all he could, but in reality he was not at all… and deep down he knew it, and come race day, he did not achieve his goal. 

I know EXACTLY what he means because I have been there done that, and am probably doing that right now in many areas of my life.. (which I should cover in another blog post soon). 

We cannot train like crap, not put in the hard work, long days, consistent months of training and expect to win or reach our crazy goals. Something has got to change.

Listening to “The Finding Mastery Podcast with David Goggins” on repeat for the last 6 months has helped us come to this reality, however it surprises me that it took us this long to realize this all.. that we have not been putting in the work needed. 

We must change if we want any of these goals to happen. We must change the way we think, our philosophy of training, moving, being, spare time, work, all of it.. we must maximize our potential by utilizing every minute of the day for our good…

Starting today I am training “harder”, (not harder heart rate, but harder like more, better, smarter) and straining smarter than I ever have before. I cannot run lots but I can walk, hike, bike, yoga, and all other things.. and so when I ended my 4.5 mile run this morning along the lake, I drove to the trailhead of a 2,000ft climb and got in a hike. 

TIME ON FEET is what I am after, time on feet with active recovery is what I will need to accomplish the 1,200 miles.. I need to run every day, hike every day, be on my feet every day to get my body used to doing that. It is kinda mind blowing actually, but I will take it as I go, and I LOVE being out there doing the training, so I can do it sustainably. I want to mimic what it will be like doing the adventure run in my training, every day leading up to it.. I also want to make sure I do not over-train to the point where I get injured, because I am prone to do that.

So i will train with a heart rate monitor on, and make sure that 80% of EVERYTHING I DO is under 150 bpm, I must be smart..

I am going to run a little every day, but I am going to do other things a lot every day, like Skate Skiing, hiking, biking indoors, walking, core, anything else.. Then when the snow leaves in the spring I will ramp up my miles and run more..

I also am working 4 days per week now so I will have to squeeze this all in with that, which I can totally do. I am note sure if you find any value in any of this but it sure does help me to just get it out. It is a lot, and 8 years ago I would have never imagined this would be my life, as I was in the hustle and grind life - working to pay bills- so busy and never having enough time or money to travel, workout, or do anything.. I thought I was trapped… I thought it just wasn't for me.. But that is NOT TRUE.. I changed everything.. I was not a runner, i hated running, and now look at me! I changed my lifestyle, my goals, my life, my body and my mind. And you can too!

We will keep you updated on all this, and please follow us on Instagram because that is where we post the most about our life, especially on the stories! It is just so easy and real, no editing, no typing, no bullshit. 

Love you guys,