COFFEE?!? Good-Bad?? {Guess where I just got a job?}

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Alright folks, happy Tuesday.

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Today I took the leap of faith into the next winter chapter of my life… getting a part time job!!! AT A COFFEE SHOP!!! Hehehehe.. so stoked.

Lets back track a little…

This post is actually going to be about the Health Benefits of Coffee, and soy, but I needed to spill the beans… and let you guys know that I also started my first day of work at my new job, here in Sandpoint Idaho at our favorite coffee shop, Evans Brothers Coffee Roasters!!

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This will be a really good way for me to make some supplemental income over the winter while we are remodeling the house and starting our non-profit Plant-Positive … neither of which is generating any income at this point so it is really important that we have a way to survive while this all gets going. I love this coffee shop, its connection to the community and the employees that work here. My sister Kelly opened her very own Coffee Shop in Florida last year, Bunkhouse Coffee Bar, where she sells Evans Brothers Coffee at.. so now it is in the family.. coffee! 

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Well.. I actually never drank coffee growing up or even until age 23… I loved the taste of it, but never got into it.. and I think it was because I was never a huge fan of American Style coffee.. 

It was not until I was volunteering with Sea Shepherd and living onboard the Ship the MY Bob Barker in Australia that I started to drink coffee regularly. Gwen actually got me into it, and it was because I discovered my love for ESPRESSO. 

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Quickly gwen showed me the culture and meaning behind his espresso love, and it was hard not to also fall in love. The taste, feelings and ritual around drinking espresso was so different than how I felt after drinking a cup of drip coffee.. it was so clean, so delicious, and did not leave me feeling like I could throw up! (which drip coffee usually does).

We then got super into Nutrition, went raw vegan and gave up all caffeine for a year.. we were totally into that lifestyle.. but then as we continued our nutrition journey we learned that being raw vegan probably was not the holly grail of nutrition, and there was other ways. 

We found doctors and nutritionists like John McDougall, Dr. Neal Barnard, Dr. Joel Furhman, and of course our favorite Dr. Greger of … we realized that there is a lot more to the story than just eating raw fruit and vegetables.. that in fact cooked foods, coffee, soy, herbs and spices do offer an array of health BENEFITS!!! 

So we started drinking espresso daily, eating cooked foods including lots of beans, whole-grains and all types of potatoes.. and we feel AMAZING!



The issue with today is there is TOO MUCH out there, too many articles, studies and papers telling us anything and everything. Literally there is “science” backing up every claim, every opinion and every diet.. but that does NOT make it true.

When we started our health journey we were often confused and frustrated because we would find one resource claiming one thing, and then the next day find another claiming the opposite.. both were from Doctors that specialized in that topic.. so what the hell is going on?

How come there is so much BS, conflicting claims and confusion?

It comes down to money… these days industry controls science and industry is what pays for research and science these days… 

So now it is our job to try to find out what is actually going on, but we are not qualified to do this.. it is far too confusing for us to figure out..

Luckily there is a non-profit out there who is doing this for us! Meet!

Please please please take a few minutes and watch this short series of videos on the Introduction of, how it works and why we believe it is the BEST resource out there, and why it is our #1 go-to for all things nutrition focused.

Now that we got that out of the way,

these videos should answer your questions on coffee and why we drink it.


Another big question is what type of non-dairy milk is best.. for health and for coffee..

As it turns out it looks like it is SOYMILK for both!! I really think that soy is the best tasting and consistency for coffee and late art.. and as you will soon learn, soy is NOT BAD FOR US.. and in normal levels of drinking/eating does NOT CAUSE adverse health affects like estrogen levels to rise, hormone imbalance, blah blah blah crap that you hear on all the health blogs and websites.. 

The science is actually stating the OPPOSITE. and when I say science, I mean the science that is conducted by non-biased sources.. for example the dairy industry has every incentive to try to make soy look bad, so they can sell more dairy milk.. The same is true for the soy-industry, studies funded by either one can be biased.. Also many studies that do show negative health consequences of soy do not tell us that those affects come only after eating/drinking the equivalent of 1000 liters of soy per day, of 500 blocks of of tofu in an hour! This shit matters, so here is a great place to start.

Finally, here is a VLOG for you.. with a taste of the coffee shop and a DAY IN THE LIFE of us right now.

I hope this helps you guys think a little more critically about these topics. Please do not hesitate to disagree, post a comment, a link, study, etc.. I want to hear it.. I will look into the study’s and claims they make.. and try to figure out what agenda is behind it..

Love you guys,