Come ADVENTURE with Us in the Mountains! {Epic Long-Run-Failure}

katie point nuttzo

Well, here goes nothing!

After getting stuck in the snow, we managed to get out and have a really good day. We did not get our long-run in, but shit happens and you gotta deal with it. So we hiked, and considered it a recovery weekend.

Gwen snow long run

Gwen is now aiming for 100+ miles this week, as the June 30th Race is approaching (Raid Du Golfe, 110 miler in France).

Katie (me) is doing GREAT! I am running pain free! After taking Sunday off and just hiking, Monday went really well, I ran 5 miles, no pain. Then Tuesday I ran 6 miles, NO PAIN! I am beginning to think that if I keep this up, there may be a chance that I can run slowly for the 110 miler... I got about 38 days... we will see!


So here is the VLOG :)

love you guys!

Make sure you eat lots of plants, stay positive, and do something #EpicallyMeaningful 

Eat like us! Run Like us! More plants more Positive!