Day in the Life of... US!! {What we eat and do in a day}

Hey guys!

Hope you had a beautiful and adventurous weekend! We sure did, even though it was a bit cloudy we still managed to have a blast!

Gwen WON another ultra trail race, the Priest Lake 50K, we will be posting that VLOG soon! 

So this post is all about our lifestyle and just what we actually do during a day, in the week! The weekends are currently scheduled in for just adventures and fun, but during the week we do "work" and luckily we get to work a lot from home. We also CHOOSE to only work part-time and make less money, so we have more time to have fun and enjoy life. We get by doing this by making strategic life choices, saving us loads of money. Hopefully you guys are inspired by what we do, and start making choices that lead you where you want to go! It is possible!

For instance:

  • we do not own a big gas guzzling car, we have a tiny economy car and we rarely use it (we bike to town most days), we share this car also,
  • we share a cell phone (saving us about $80/month),
  • we buy fruits, vegetables and bulk goods and choose which ones to buy depending on what is on-sale - in-season (fruits, vegetables and grains like beans and rice are the cheapest things you can buy) so we save a lot on our groceries being plant-based. 
  • We do not buy crap we do not need - we rarely buy anything other than food, running shoes and running gear, and yea... thats it...
  • we don't have internet or tv at home (saving us hundreds per month)
  • we minimize services that most people think are necessary like electric (we burn wood that we go out and chop ourselves, yes this takes time and it is hard, but time is money!! and we save money by doing this and get a workout in)
  • Im sure there are lots of other things we do that are not-normal.. please ask us questions and we will answer them!!!

Anyway, here is the video! 

Love you guys! Oh and GOOD NEWS!! KATIE IS BACK TO RUNNING!!! Today I went on my first pain-free 4 mile run in over 3 weeks. :) SO FREAKING HAPPE!


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