DON'T RUN to lose weight - RUN b/c you Love it {Change your Diet to lose weight}

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How much work is it to get out the door each day and go for a run if you really don't enjoy it… if you are just doing it to stay slim, loose weight, for the “work-out”? 

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-Let me tell you, its not worth it and its not the easiest way to achieve your weight loss goal. There is a much easier way.

I know many people who have ran over the years just to lose weight and they hate it! They see it as a chore, something that must be done.. and honestly it doesn't even work that well for their weight loss.. They usually have to to portion control like crazy, avoid carbs, alcohol, and deserts in order to actually lose weight while running to lose weight.

Think about all the time, money and energy that it takes to run if you don't like it..

Your going to calculate the cost of the shoes, the gear, the gym membership, you will have to run in the rain, in the cold… and if all those miles are not spent because you love to run.. its going to cost you so much mental energy and happiness.

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For those who love to run, this is not you, but you can benefit from what comes next.

If you hate running but feel you need to to lose weight, I am going to give you my advice that will save you time, money and happiness.

Changing your diet is actually much easier, less time consuming, cheaper and more enjoyable than forcing yourself to run.. and it is WAY MORE AFFECTIVE for weight loss!

You may be thinking “No way, diets are SO HARD FOR ME”.. and yes you are right, diets are.. But I am not suggesting a diet! 

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Research shows that the difficulty of changing ones diet does not vary much between diets, all of them are usually pretty different from the norm and require time and thought to figure each one out…

But research also shows that lifestyle/diet changes where eating habits are not limited to potion sizes, restriction, or counting calories are much easier for people to adopt and even seem fun… and they work BETTER!

But wait.. how is it possible to lose weight without restriction of calories, counting, portion control????

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People lose more weight and keep it off if they switch to a whole-food-plant-based diet without portion restriction than they do by calorie counting on a standard diet and excessive exercise!

So basically I am saying that I recommend you to stop running if you hate it, and start eating better. I have seen it work wonders for so many people.

I do think that exercising is extremely important, but it does not have to mean suffering. If you don't like running, don't run. Fresh air and moving our bodies is absolutely necessary for good health and weight loss, so find something that you do enjoy that is not a suffer fest.

Try walking at a fast rate.. this may seem easy and pointless but it is NOT. If running isn't your thing, walk… bike, skate, climb, or find something easy to do that involves moving your body and it will work in combination with eating a whole food plant based diet.

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The coolest thing about eating this way is that you get to eat SO MUCH delicious food and lose weight doing it. Pancakes, oatmeal, smoothies, potatoes, bananas and even pasta is included in this way of eating, and if processed foods like oils, candy, potato chips, soda and other high-fat high-calorie foods are illuminated you will lose weight eating this way, and you will love it.

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It is not a diet, there is no restriction..

Other than not eating animal products, there are so many choices to choose from and you can actually fill up, fill your stomach with these low-calorie plant foods and go to bed happy each night, and wake up losing weight!

Curious about all this.. does it sound impossible? I know it works, we have seen it and we have done it.

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Click the photo to visit the page to download it FREE!

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It is not about an extreme dramatic change, it can be by making small simple changes weekly.. and before you know it you are seeing food in a totally different way! 



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#1: The Starch Solution - John McDougall


#2: Eat to Live - Joel Fuhrman


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#3: How Not To Die - Dr. Michael Greger


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