EAT TO RUN Cookbook {Eat Like Us with this book!} (+ Going-Full-Time-Self-Employed)

Hey guys!

We believe that everyone should be able to eat like us, adventure like us, and run like us! All you need is a little nutrition guidance and some recipes! We got you covered..

We have made some big changes to the previous version of our cookbook and the new version EAT TO RUN is now for sale. (E-book)

It is full of recipes we eat every single day to fuel our adventures, daily runs, long-runs, smoothie cravings, sweet tooth, pizza addiction and more! 

The first half of the book is our Complete Nutrition guide, so you can learn all the basics of nutrition from us! 

The second part of the E-Book is all recipes, delicious, healthy, nourishing whole-food, plant-based recipes that are EASY to prepare and digest so well! 

If you want to eat like us, you will love this book.

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Ever thought of leaving your current job and pursing your passion full time?

We did, and it has been our primary goal for years now.. and the day is about to come!

JUNE 15th is it.. We get on a plane and fly to France to visit Gwen's family and to run the Raid Du Golfe 100 mile ultra-marathon.. On that date, we will officially be leaving the security of our part-time jobs.. SCARY SHIT.. but we believe it is possible.. we believe that our passion and our desire to help people find health and happiness will be enough. And we are going for it!

We really appreciate all of your support, and you guys mean a lot to us.

So what does this look like for us? Not having "Real-Jobs"?

Well we will be working hard to get our B&B open (not-paid), start our Non-Profit (not-paid), and sell our cookbook(some money there)! We do not have to pay rent in the house we are living in (my dad's house, until it is remodeled, so we are lucky and grateful for that, it is what is making this all possible).
We will soon rely on cookbook sales and Patreon supporters to be supplying us with our full income.. that is scary. We really only will have grocery bills, a few race entries and the gas money it will take to get to those races. We do not spend money like most people.. we buy food, running shoes sometimes, and that is about it. 
Once we have our non-profit up, we will be able to receive donations to continue to produce content that inspires people to change their lives (and sorta "work" more via that).. but until that happens.. we are relying on you guys to spread the word!

 click here to visit our Patreon page!

click here to visit our Patreon page!

Help us achieve our big goals by doing the best to live your life to the fullest! :)
We really appreciate every single cookbook sale, every single Patreon Supporter (even if it is only $1/month) and we appreciate all you watching our videos and sharing our content with your friends.

We couldn't do it without you, and we mean that.

So please, grab a copy of the cookbook for yourself, for a friend, or family member, and this will help us so much!

We love you guys!
-Katie and Gwen