Fasting & Intermittent fasting {Do we Fast for athletic performance & running?}

Fasting & Intermittent fasting {Do we Fast for athletic performance & running?}

We were first introduced to the term intermittent fasting a few years ago but never really thought much about it.. I guess because there was not lots of science to back it up at that time.

However right now it is an extremely hot topic and we have been recently inspired to think more about it after listening to another Thought For Food Podcast - one of their What’s the Deal” series, on Fasting. (Their “What’s the Deal” episodes are our favorite!)

Aaron and Jackson do such a great job at pulling together the available science and delivering it to us the listener in a easy to understand and fun way, we highly recommend you listen to it if you are at all interested in anything that has to do with fasting, sleeping better, improving health and performance or even controlling weight.

We remember thinking about it a few years ago, when intermittent fasting was all over YouTube and people were claiming all sorts of weight-loss and performance benefits from it.

 Click the image to to listen!

Click the image to to listen!

We quickly looked into it and then realized that we do in fact practice intermittent fasting to some level without even knowing it… meaning that we sleep at night and do not eat for a window of time. We even run in the morning without eating anything before hand, and then have our first meal after our run, usually between 9am-11am. 

We started doing this not because of the hype of intermittent fasting or trying to achieve a certain “window” of eating, but because it simply felt the best.

We found that we LOVED the way we felt while on our morning runs when we do not eat before..

Yes it took some adjusting period to be able to go from eating before runs to not eating until after runs, and I can mention my process for how I transitioned below.

espresso in Paris plant positive running

The one thing that we do consume in the morning before our runs (most days) is a single shot of espresso each. We love espresso and just didn't think that this really affected our fasted run to improve fat utilization (so we can run more efficiently on fat stores rather than carbohydrate intake during runs/races). 

After reading something from Tim Ferris on the topic, I thought that Coffee/ Caffeine with no calories was “ok”.. however after listening to this TFF Podcast on Fasting, I am now confused and wondering if we should stop drinking coffee before our runs.. 

Gwen says he doesn't care about what the science says we should do in this case, he says that we are all ready fasting quite some time at night and he loves espresso so much he would rather eat dinner earlier in order to break the 14hour fast with coffee at 6:30am. We will see how we actually handle this with some more research and thinking about it.. We do love espresso.. for the ritual, the experience and the memories it brings us both.

We are very interested in learning more about the benefits of intermittent fasting, so this is going to be on our radar for sure. 

One of the big benefits that we really can understand is the Circadian rhythm and how eating dinner earlier rather than later allows our body to slow down and naturally adjust to the dark, allowing our bodies to get sleepy earlier, digest our food and then finally fall asleep after digestion which allows our body to repair damage and just perform at its best. To understand what the hell I meant by that, please listen to the podcast, its freaking cool..


  • We are going to eat dinner earlier, and try to be done eating by 6:30-7pm
  • We are going to experiment with coffee and no coffee before our morning runs and see who we feel
  • We are going to take note of when we do eat later at night, and pay attention to how we feel the next morning and how we slept, so we can further understand how this is working.
  • We are going to be eagerly awaiting ’s series of videos on Fasting that he claims to have available for us soon
  • We are going to be looking for any good Podcasts on the topic, so please let us know in the comments below if you have any recommendations for us!

For now that is it you guys.

Hope your having an amazing week, hope your getting out there and enjoying the outdoors, hope your eating lots of plants!

Aaron and Jackson just told us about this interview with Dr. Satchin Panda who is a leading expert in the field of intermittent fasting and we really liked hearing him talk about it!



We are excited to be trying the NUTRITIONFACTS.ORG APP called the “Daily Dozen” App, to help us make sure we are getting in enough of the best foods out there, we think it is really helpful for those who want to ensure they are getting optimal nutrition and those new to the lifestyle.

Love you guys,

Katie.. and Gwen


I remember when I would wake up hungry and feel like I needed something before I ran. So my transition went like this.

I started by eating a banana or 2 before morning runs. Then I slowly decreased over the span of a few months, down to 1 banana, 1/2 a banana and then finally no banana before my morning runs. It wasn't hard and it happened naturally.

Try it… it works and it feels AMAZING to run on an empty stomach.

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