Food Shopping on a Budget in FRANCE


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I HAD NO IDEA that it was going to be this easy to find healthy cheap whole foods here in France. Everyone says that being Plant-Based is SO HARD in FRANCE, and I can imagine that if you eat out a lot, it is. Restaurants and the French culture do NOT cater to this lifestyle, and it can be very difficult to find healthy plant-based options at restaurants here.. but this is changing.

We totally avoid this by not eating out, which is really expensive anyway. We shop at grocery stores and WOW they have some good stuff!

If you are traveling to France and want to know what to buy in the grocery stores, or if you live here in France and just want to eat healthier and save money, you will like this post.

Perhaps we can cover some ingredients to avoid, here is a list of words to look for that are NOT plant-based:

baguette nuttzo
  • Lait (milk)
  • Oeuf(s) (Eggs)
  • Fromage (cheese)
  • Beurre (butter)
  • Boeuf (beef)
  • Poulet (chicken)
  • Porc (pork)
  • Viande (meat)
  • Poisson (fish)
  • Crème (cream)
  • Produits laitiers (dairy products)
  • Miel (honey)

Some phrases you may want to know:

  • Je ne mange pas… (I do not eat…)
  • Je ne peux pas manger de… (I can’t eat…)




  • It seems like PIZZA is our best option, because no matter where we go, if there is pizza on the menu they can make it vegan.
  • Just ask for NO CHEESE, NO EGGS, NO MEAT.. 
  • Yes, they often put eggs on pizza here
  • Look for the Vegetarian one and say no cheese!
  • Pizza is our go to choice over salads because they actually fill us up. And pizzas in France are individual, but actually large enough to make a meal from! So be prepared to order your own pizza and eat it all! 

Here is our Video of one of our first shopping trips here in France!

Here is what we Get when we go SHOPPING, Lets start with the staples:

Bananas baby!

  • Bananas - We have been finding them for about .85 euros / KG to 1.50/kg (which is about .50cents/LB to .80cents/lb - CHEAP
    • we eat bananas every single day, they are a great food for any occasion. We eat them in smoothies, with dates, in a baguette as a banana sandwich, for dessert, as a snack or sometimes we eat about 8-9 for a meal.


Dates are so damn good! And travel well.. and are the best for running!

  • Dates - We have always found cheap dates in France, sometimes date paste, sometimes small dates but always super cheap and a really good snack on the go, good in smoothies and while running!
    • These dates are so cheap, they only cost us 2.88 euros per kg (per box)


Cereal is one of our favorite things ever!

  • Cereal - This cereal from Leader Price is so good, it is whole grain and has lots of dried fruit. We have found similar ones at the other super markets but are a little more spendy. This has become our favorite cereal. 1.94 euros per box is pretty damn cheap! :)
    • We eat cereal mostly in the morning on top of our smoothie bowl, and we eat a lot of it.. Probably 2 cups each every morning. We also snack on it with soy milk or something throughout the day if we want. Or dessert..:)


Potatoes are a good dinner staple

  • Potatoes - Ok wow, potatoes are so cheap here! Apparently they grow lots of them in this area of France so that makes sense. We got a 5kg bag for 2.79 euros which is insane!


Frozen Berries in Every SMOOTHIE

  • Frozen berries are a must for us and we are so lucky that we can find cheap ones here. Organic ones are so so expensive here, but we are not getting organic. The ones we are finding are from LiDL and are only 2.39 per 750g bag, which is seriously not bad at all!
    • Because of their extremely high antioxidant content and their nutrient density we eat them daily.. in smoothies is our go to, but also in cereal bowls and fruit bowls. We eat about 2 cups per day each usually. 


GREENS are a must for all of us!

We eat lots of greens and this is not something we are wanting to compromise on. Greens are basically the healthiest food that we can eat. We add about 2-4 cups/handfuls of greens in our breakfast smoothies every morning! This is a simple yummy way to eat them. We also eat salads every night with our dinner (notice I said with our dinner, because salad is NOT the dinner..) Salads do not have substance really (unless you add starches/grains/beans) and so we do not consider it a meal, they are like a hundred calories usually so it is a side dish to every dinner! 

This bag cost us something like 1.73 euros, pre-washed and ready to eat!


Oranges got the Flavonoids!

  • Oranges are packed with all things good, sometimes they are expensive but we get lucky. We look for the cheapest ones and we were lucky to find a big bag of them for 3.12 euros. We eat one each every morning in our breakfast smoothies.

rice packet

Rice TO-Go

  • This stuff is awesome and is so good for the airplane, for a quick meal or for whatever!
  • It is more expensive than making it at home, however it saves time! It also saves money when you are traveling and do not have access to a kitchen, it sure beats buying dinner out!!
  • Eat this with some slices tomatoes and cucumber straight out of the bag and it makes a healthy dinner on the go!
  • This one is even organic! 



  • Don't let anyone tell you anything else, as long as you are not celiac, whole grain pasta is a really good cheap healthy food choice! And its fast! :) 
  • This package was only .98 euros!
    • Which has like 4 servings! CHEAP!!!

pasta sauce

We love our Pasta Sauce!

And wow this stuff is cheap here! These jars were only .99!!!

  • This sauce doubles as pizza sauce, pasta sauce, and we even put it on our lentils! 

soy milk


  • This stuff is AMAZING!! The ingredient list is so good, it is just soy beans, water and vanilla/or calcium (depending on flavor).. THATS IT! No crap, nothing weird, simple healthy ingredients we love.
  • And its CHEAP! And it tastes really good :)


GNOCCHI is just Potatoes with some wheat flour! 

  • And wow is it good, and simple. Healthy eating should be simple and the ingredient list on these little guys is just that. It is potato, water, wheat flour, salt. Simple real foods that we LOVE!
  • It takes only 2 minutes to cook!
  • And it was cheap, this packet was something like 2.12 euros and is probably 2-4 servings. 


Gotta Love Tortillas

  • Picked up these guys today for just 2.10 euros, they will make for a quick bean burrito for Gwen's 100 miler.. and we can eat wraps with any dinner, it always tastes better in a wrap! 
  • Plus, we eat bananas and Nuttzo in them sometimes!!

peanut butter

PEANUT BUTTER is a staple for many Americans.. and we have some sad news for you guys..

  • It is NOT as cheap as in the USA!
  • This jar was about 4.56 euros and I could only find it as organic at  this store. I know other places do have it probably generic and maybe a little cheaper, but it is not cheap at all here! 
  • We got this jar to make loads of PB&Js for the 100 miler!
  • It is called Beurre De Cacahuete here in France! 

fresh produce


I think that they must give subsidies to farmers or at least they have got it figured out because fresh produce is so cheap! A head of lettuce, (huge one) is about .79 euros! Tomatoes are a fraction of the price along with other common veggies like cucumber and mushrooms. We eat lots of this stuff in salads at night, oh and BEETS are cheap here too! :)

Please comment below if you have ANY questions about anything! Also comment and let us know what you get when you are here!!! :)

Love you guys,