How to Make Healthy Dog Food {Dogs Can be Plant-Based too!}

our dogs love vegan dog food homemade
homemade vegan dog food and natural balance kibble

hey guys! 

I am making this post out of popular request, so many people ask us how we make our home-made vegan dog food, so here it goes. 

(And yes, dogs can be plant-based, they are actually extremely healthy and happy, the vets that see our dogs say they are in top condition as are other vegan doggies)

This is the one we buy

It is really simple, basically we just make a big combination of Beans, Rice, Veggies, Peanut-Butter and sometimes frozen greens and we mix that 50/50 with Natural Balance Vegan Dog Kibble (that we buy from amazon). We mix in the kibble because it has tons of fortified vitamins and minerals (as does all kibble) so we can rest assured that our pups are getting plenty of nutrition! We know they get tons of vitamins and minerals from the plant foods we give them, as our combination has more vitamins and minerals than meat.. what our food does not have as much of is protein. But it turns out that it is ok, dogs have lived with humans for thousands of years now and have evolved quite a bit since their wild wolf days, eating plenty of bread and beans along the side of their fellow human companions, they do extremely well on a lower protein, higher carbohydrate diet.

homemade vegan dog food and natural balance kibble


  • 5 cups beans/lentils (we use pinto beans most of the time because we buy them in huge bulk bags from costco)
  • 5 cups rice (we use white rice in huge bags also)
  • 3 cups frozen broccoli, chopped
  • 2 cups natural peanut butter
  • 1 package frozen spinach (optional)
  • 1 package frozen mixed vegetables (optional)

Remember, we make all this, mix it up and then mix it 50/50 with the kibble right before serving!


  • cook beans and rice however you want. We use a big pressure cooker to first cook the beans, and transfer them into big mixing bowls and then we cook the rice.
  • combine beans and rice with quite a bit of water so it is a nice mixture
  • Mix in Peanut-Butter while the mixture is still warm, that way it melts and mixes easier
  • mix in the remaining ingredients
  • Transfer into tupperware containers that will fit in your freezer and fridge. (We use the clear containers that dates come in from costco)
  • Freeze all of them except enough to last you 3-4 days, keep those in the fridge.
  • Rotate them out of the freezer and into the fridge as you go!
roo vegan dog food homemade

We feed our dogs (medium sized border collies) about 3/4 cup kibble and 3/4 cup bean/rice combo, 2x per day. 

Checkout this VLOG, skip to 5 minutes in to get to the dog food part-  if you don't want to watch us do our thing and be weirdos.

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