How to Restore Glycogen most Efficiently after a LONG-RUN!

So many people fail to eat sufficient simple carbohydrates immediately after a long-run, and it holds them back big time.

As runners we aim to improve every day, weather it is a long-run or a recovery day, fueling and intention are key. When we finish a long-run we can totally destroy all of the gains we got from the run if we fail to eat properly. All that work, all those hours, and you can get worse, or even injured if you don't do it right.

Make sure you eat FRUIT right after your long-run. There are no short cuts, no gels, no protein powder shake, no pills that will give you the glycogen replenishing power that FRUIT can!

We go for Fruit Smoothies if we can, with bananas, dates, oranges, greens, etc. Or if we do not make a smoothie we eat Bananas and Dates!

Watch the video to see more of what the heck we are talking about!

Get out there and have an Epic Weekend you all!

Love you guys!

- Katie and Gwen