HOW WE MAKE MONEY WITHOUT HAVING JOBS {farmers Market & Fire Fighting}

Hey Guys!

So this week is the beginning of the end of our jobs.. forever!! lol... formally speaking that is. However we still need to buy food so we need to make some money!

WATCH THE VIDE TO SEE MORE about the Farmers Market, etc.

Here is how we do:

  • Farmers Market Booth - we make healthy plant-based baked goods and go to the Saturday Market and make money
  • Volunteer Fire Fighting
  • Cookbook Sales here on our website
  • Patreon Support and Coaching through Patreon (if you are interested in running coaching, nutrition coaching and stuff like that, message us)
  • We will come up with more ways as time goes on for sure!

Over the next few months we will be sharing with you guys exactly how we get by.. how much we make, how much we spend, how we make money, where, why etc.

We want to help you guys understand how you can maybe break away from the bounds of a full time job and enjoy life more!

We are taking this time to give our FULL ENERGY and FULL attention to starting our PLANT BASED BED & BREAKFAST, and starting our NON-PROFIT "Plant-Positive". We feel that if we do not devote 100% of our energy into something, it cannot be 100%.. so we are taking the risk and going for it! We are creative, we are savey and we have lots of ways to find money, money always comes but TIME does not. We need this time to ENJOY LIFE! And we do.. We really appreciate ALL of the support on PATREON.

 Click this image to Visit our Patreon Page

Click this image to Visit our Patreon Page

Patreon is our preferred way you guys can get involved in our mission and support us at this time. Once we get the Non-Profit up, we would love to have you guys support us there and become official members of the movement.. but until then, you guys can help us make this a reality by becoming a Patreon. Patreon is a monthly subscription platform where YOU can support us starting with as little as $1/month, and in return, you get access to exclusive content, and help us achieve our goals. It is super meaningful and helpful and we LOVE every single contribution we get, because it allows us to transition out of "work" and into something we love.


Please ask us questions about any of this and we will answer! We are about to travel to FRANCE tomorrow, and there we will be living on the cheap also, hanging out with family, running and exploring!

Love you guys!

-katie and gwen

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