I Love Skate Skiing {Big Training Days are FUN}

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If you guys have been following along with our Instagram/Facebook posts and stories, you probably know how crazy the last week has been. We have been really stepping it up training wise and it has been a blast!  (link to that blog post here)

Skate skiing has been off the hook, we totally fell in love, and every day I am getting better and better! 

The transition has been kinda rough though because it does work completely different muscles than running does. For instance I can get away with having weak Glutes as a runner, but now I am dying on the skis because it is all in the butt and hamstrings on the skate skis! I am so sore and tiered, but it is really good because it is exactly what I need.

I was hoping that skate skiing would help develop my legs and body in a way that is more well rounded - so it totally works.

If you want to see what our daily training consists of, check our Instagram, as we are posting it all in the comments of the photos we post.

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On average it is 2-4 hours per day of Skating, followed by usually snowshoeing/biking/running, core work and Gwen does 1 hour on the stair climber every day!!

It really adds up and we are so tiered at the end of each day… which is great! We love it, we love being out there, we love breathing the air, sweating, pushing ourselves but then again it is all really easy intensity wise.

Today I was so sore, but it was a day off work so I wanted it to be a “long-day” for me, I aimed at spending at least 2 hours skating. I knew that I could not keep up a high intensity skating, so I just went easy, slow and at a comfortable pace - and I was able to spend 2 and a half hours skiing around in the sun! It was epic!

The key to long days and sustainability for me is keeping it easy, keeping my heart rate low, because if it is all hard, I wont be able to sustain it. For example, we went skate skiing with a friend and they were really going all out on the uphills, their heart rate was so high, and they had to take a break every 50 meters or so… so in the end, they ended up resting more than me who was going slow and easy but because of this did not have to rest so much.. and in the end I felt better, enjoyed the time much more, and did not burn out - opposed to our friend who was totally wiped out at the end of the session.. This is yet another signal to me that keeping my training easy is the way to go to keep going long term.

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Remember 80% of the training should be “easy” and keep the hard training to 20%.. That is the golden rule of successful training that I really do believe in right now.

So watch the YouTube video and you will get a glimpse of what we have been up to, along with a good rant from Gwen and I about our new “hard-core” training philosophy!

Last night to finish off my day I went on a full moon snowshoe hike with friends! I was immediately feeling super tiered, my legs were tiered and I felt it was going to be a hard hike.. luckily my friends were really understanding and we turned around at 2 miles out instead of 3.3 to the summit. Sometimes you gotta respond to your body and adjust, and that is what I did..

Speaking of that, as I write this I am sitting in the lodge this morning taking the day off, I took a big crash yesterday at the end of my skate skiing session, felt ok after but woke up this morning SO SORE, my neck is totally destroyed- i can barely turn my head and my body aches from the crash.. I am a compete idiot! I fell because I was trying to show off and pass Gwen on the last downhill before the lodge, caught an edge and crashed on my face directly into the hard pack! OUTCH! it was bad.. So I am taking my first full day off since our new training regime. :) Sometimes life calls. 


So if you missed my post about our eating/fasting situation you can read it here. Basically we are loving it, we are eating our last meal around 6pm and then our first meal in the morning usually after our early morning skate ski at about 10am - sometimes we are feeling particularly hungry on the trails and in that case we eat a Skout bar while going.. which is really perfect for training because they are 130 calories per bar of pure, real whole foods (dates & pumpkin seeds). We feel great doing this and having a long window of “not eating” to digest our food fully and use the time to repair and recover from the training. We are not strict with this all though and sometimes it changes and we do not worry about it. Keep it fun and practical. 

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Thank you to everyone who has purchased the cookbook over the past month, it has really helped us in these tight times! And hopefully it will help you take your nutrition to the next level. We really appreciate the support !

Love you guys,