LIVE Interview with JAMIL COURY on his 2017 HARDROCK 100 Finish

Hey all,

We just had the opportunity to sit down and chat with Jamil Coury who is fresh off a top finish at the HARD ROCK 100 Endurance Run in Colorado! 

Jamil is a really cool guy, he is plant based, he is positive and he is an incredible runner who has been running ultra marathons, trails and mountains for years and years! On top of that he has his own YouTube channel, Run Steep Get High which he uses to share and document his experience as a runner. Its really cool and really inspiring! So Check it out!

So without further pause, lets get to this live interview with Jamil Coury!!! 


If you don't know yet, we have started to do weekly LIVE interview YouTube shows with cool people who are positive and inspiring! You can tune in live and ask YOUR questions to our guests during the show, so make sure you stay updated on who we have on next!

Also, if you have any suggestions for who you would like to see us interview, tell us!