Making the best of my Injury... Maybe not running is good right now

Hey Guys, hope you are having a great week so far and your training is going well!

katie and gwen jump

As I was walking this morning up our road, with a can of kidney beans in each hand, I pondered my current situation with my running injury and all. And I really think that it is a good thing that it happened. When I was running the 50k 9 days ago I had the same thought..

maybe the reason my body was giving me pain during the week leading up to the race, was to make sure I tapered properly for the race.. because without the pain, lets face it.. I would have kept running lots every day. And if that was the case, it worked really well because come race day I felt amazing and I raced really well.. I did get second place and beat my personal best by 10 minutes! So even with all this pain and injury stuff.. It paid off.

gwen and doggies

So now, what if this knee pain I am having is just my bodies way to make sure I take proper time to let my legs rest after that previous training block? If I didn't have the knee pain, I would for sure be running.. I probably would have taken 1 day completely off after the race, and then eased back into running the next day, and I would have probably never truly recovered from that huge training block I put in.. and that could have seriously done some damage.

Gwen has been talking to me about training blocks and how the body needs real, quality recovery.... it does not mean we cannot run, it just means that we need to find a way to allow our body to recover from the damage we did (damage is growth if properly recovery occurs).  I think he is right.. Gwen is always right!!! But seriously, this could be exactly what I needed to make sure I train properly for the long term big goals. My 100 mile race June 30th is just the 1st of our long term goals, we have another 100 miler in September, and then next summer we have a 1,200 mile adventure run (over the course of 30-40 days).. 

I truly think that my body is smart and knows me better than I give it credit. That is what I have realized over the last week.. I have been making the best of this injury and finding the golden nuggets in my training.. taking advantage of the time to build strength in my core, arms, walk and enjoy the outdoors at a slower pace, all the while allowing my legs to properly rebuild, recover and become stronger for the next block we are about to put in.

We were supposed to put in one more big block (and hit another 100 mile week) of running before our 100 miler June 30th.. But I don't think I am going to reach that. and that is OK. I am may get at 90 miles per week in the peak, or it may be 80.. it is impossible to know right now, and I am learning that that is ok and that is how life works. Running is a funny sport, I love everything about it, even these times. :)

katie jump

I am keeping my big goals in mind as I live in the moment and focus on the present day and how I can be the best I can be today, and how I can have the most fun.. today!

Until tomorrow friends, get out there and find your passion, eat lots of plants and be positive!


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