Our Last Mountain Run before FRANCE {how we eat Healthy while traveling internationally}

run scotchman snow gwen

Airport Food is GROSS! And we do not pretend that airplane food is healthy, even if they can make a tasty vegan meal, its probably full of crap and oil..

Hey Guys!

So this post is going up along with this video - but we are all ready in FRANCE!!

This video was pretty epic, the day was so awesome! We started off early heading up to Schochmans Peak with our friend Vene (we left the dogs behind because we car-pooled with him). We hiked up, saw a BIG BEAR, bear tracks, and lots of beauty. We then RAN down and got some good speed in.. and best part about it was it was totally pain free for me! It felt amazing, and it confirmed for me that I am officially 100% back into training for the summer races and my 100 miler in September.

run scotchman snow katie

We made it back to the house ate quickly and then headed out for another adventure with all the doggies. So o fun and pretty.. we hope you guys get out there and enjoy the outdoors!


travel food healthy vegan


here is how we get by.. we pack these in our carry on and they are allowed through security onto the plane!

  1. Bean and Rice burritos (we make them at home)
  2. bananas, apples, oranges, etc
  3. Rice Cakes
  4. Nuttzo
  5. Fig Bars, Clif Bars, bars...
  6. Nacheeze packets
  7. Raw nuts, seeds + dried cranberries + raisins
  8. Dried apples/bananas/etc
  9. Tortillas
  10. Roasted Chickpeas (made at home, recipe in our cookbook)

Ok so yes this sounds like a lot of food, because it IS! We traveled really far and it took us 2+ days to arrive in Gwen's home town so we needed to be prepared. We also wanted to be as cheap as possible and airport food is so expensive!

Please let us know if you guys have any good travel food ideas! We love to learn more! 

Love you,