Pie Run 5K {We made a healthy chocolate mousse pie}

Hey Guys!

chocolate mousse pie

So Saturday we did something really fun, we drove out to Hope Idaho and Gwen ran in the annual 5k Pie run (just for fun). It was a unique experience.

Entry was a pie + $5 and basically half way along the course they give you a fork and you run back with this plastic fork in your hand and then upon completion, you get to eat tons of pie!!!

We knew that we had to bring a pie and we wanted to make one that would not bog us down but fuel the remainder of our day.. because lets face it, we usually do not eat pie for breakfast! So what we did was we managed a way to put a breakfast into a pie..

(Here is our VLOG from the day, in case you have not seen it yet)


We used our Chocolate Mousse Recipe {Made from sweet potato, banana, dates and cacao} and we put that into a pie dish! Then we topped it with So Delicious Coco Whip and WOW!  It was actually the healthiest pie we have ever had for breakfast! :)

This is the recipe we used for the filling of the pie!

Hope this gives you some ideas of how to make your next pie for people who are health conscious and runners who do not want to eat junk, even for a special occasion! No worries, make this pie and everyone will love it!

-Hope your having an amazing Monday! I am feeling better and better each day and I think I will be back to running in another few days, so I am happy!