PLANT POSITIVE LIVE #3 {Thought For Food Lifestyle TFF, Finding meaning in Life}

These guys are SO COOL!

Gwen and I could not have been happier to connect with Jackson and Aaron of Thought For Food Lifestyle (TFF) via our 3rd LIVE SHOW on YouTube! 

Huge thanks to Frank (one of our Plant Positive team members) for telling us about these guys. It turns out that they are basically driven by very similar passions and love all the same things we love. They have created a really cool platform via TFF and they are just awesome hilarious, authentic dudes following their heart and chasing their dreams... and it shows.

This show will help you develop the mentality it takes to "succeed" in life, whatever that means for you. We dug deep into their individual processes that allowed them to reach this point in their lives where they are truly happy. 

Jackson is about to embark on a really cool Cycling Fundraising Challenge in the ALPS, (you will learn more about it in the video) but we really love it. They are raising money for Mercy For Animals and you guys can checkout their campaign page by clicking HERE.

Checkout their website here at THOUGHT FOR FOOD LIFESTYLE


Love you guys!