Do I have Post 100 Miler Depression? {Day in the Life as I recover from my first 100 Miler}

my first 100.jpg

Being a 100 miler finisher is all good and all.. but was it really worth it now knowing that it has been 2 weeks today since I finished it, and I am still NOT RUNNING... due to knee pain!?!?

I am not going to attempt to answer that but I can tell you life is not the same without running..

run katie trees BRIGHT.jpg

I am starting to wonder if I should just stick to shorter distances so I can continue to run every day like I love.. is it really worth it to beat up my body this bad that it keeps me from running at all...?

I am not in the mood for writing today, or at all the last few days.. actually I haven't been in the mood for much of anything .. which is not like me at all.

So I made this video for you, to bring you along for a day so you can see.. just how.. depressed...? i am... or maybe I am not.. I don't know..


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Gwen went on his GRVR (ginger runner virtual run) yesterday.. and I just sat at the house because I couldn't go...

he had so much fun running in the mountains with the doggies.. this sucks.

I am trying to stay positive but I just miss being out there so badly..

run katie run away 2 BRIGHT.jpg
gwen running on rocks - scotchmans_9605.jpg

I miss the mountain goats!

It snowed yesterday during his run and seeing the footage reminded me of running in the snow last winter!! SO MUCH FUN!



Luckily I have been able to do yoga, and that is saving me I think. Without moving my body in some way every day, I feel strange, sad, low, etc.. I cannot really even walk much outside, but I can do yoga! Luckily I have a big window in my bedroom where I practice yoga when it is too cold outside - so this allows me to see outside and feel like I am out there. No, I don't get the sun on my face, but it is better than sitting inside all day. I have also been trying to just be outside and do something for at least 30 minutes each day, yesterday I raked the yard.. Today I am going to try to go on a small walk with my mom.. I need to be out there, it gives me so much happiness.

I guess it is times like these that make me appreciate being healthy, appreciate all the good times I am able to be moving out in the mountains, even more. 

So for that I am grateful.

I am persistent in my search for happiness each day, trying to find things that do make me happy... things that have to do with the natural world, or just sharing my experiences here with you guys. 

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