Starting a Food Blog and Food Truck

I am starting a FOOD TRUCK and I just started a vegan food blog.

Why a Food Truck?

Watch my youtube videos and find out!

Heart Bowls Food Truck

  • Serving Happiness and Health in a bowl in Sandpoint Idaho. 

  • Smoothie bowls, Acai Bowls, oatmeal bowls, smoothies, vegan and gluten free baking, etc.


Well because I needed a place to express my creativity and love for food, beyond what this blog covers.

I wanted a place where I can really nerd out about vegan healthy food, share lots of recipes and my thoughts.

A Food Blog is a beast of a challenge because there are a lot of working pieces that go on behind the scenes.

THE FOOD BLOG is called Lemons and Leggings

I would LOVE it if you guys would hop over to the blog!

Please let me know what recipes you want to see. If you want to get recipes right to your email, make sure you subscribe to the newsletter over there :)

Here are some of the recipe videos from the YouTube channel.

A 5 Minute Healthy Vegan Indian Spinach Dal recipe that uses a Tasty Bite dal packet along with plenty of fresh vegetables, canned chickpeas and cooked brown rice. This "Healthy Hack" will save you time and the meal tastes so good! GET THE FULL RECIPE ON MY BLOG: