The benefit of BREAD for runners {+Sledding Adventure}

 This is a Tempeh Bacon Veggies Sandwich on Happy Campers Gluten Free Bread.. Recipe for the tempeh bacon is in our cookbook!

This is a Tempeh Bacon Veggies Sandwich on Happy Campers Gluten Free Bread.. Recipe for the tempeh bacon is in our cookbook!

Hey guys!!! 

Sorry it has been a while since our last post or Vlog, we have just been having way too much fun up here in Sandpoint Idaho, enjoying the sun and outdoors. And Gwen had a fire-fighting training over last weekend that kept us really really busy.

Anyway I have been wanting to talk to you guys about bread.. in particular the Gluten-Free movement and options out there. It is our understanding that there are a few main reasons to avoid regular bread.. not particularly because of gluten however (read below about why gluten is not the devil).

  1. It is usually full of junk, animal products (milk solids, whey, honey) and huge ingredient lists
  2. some people do have gluten-allergies and it is serious (other people who do not, still claim to feel better without it).
  3. By cutting out bread, if you replace it with whole-plant-foods you are just going to be cutting out a processed food, gluten-containing or not, still a win.
happy campers gluten free bread with avocado

With this basis, Gwen and I mostly avoid american bread.. with one exception, when we go to France we eat tons of bread because it is so damn good, fresh and the ingredient list is short and healthy.

When we are here in the States, which is most of the time.. ..........we rely on one staple bread (other than the occasional local loaf from the farmers market)......... 


  • It has the best ingredients out of ANY BREAD.. period
    • the flours are sprouted, the grains are nourishing,
  • It is Dairy + Egg free
  • it is certified ORGANIC
  • it is vegan
  • It is free of corn starch, and all starches which is huge in a gluten-free bread
  • it has stuff we love like millet, sorghum, quinoa, buckwheat and amaranth- even in seed form in the bread, giving it an amazing texture too!
  • It is really tasty
  • it toasts better than anything out there (crunchy on the outside but moist inside)
  • Most importantly- it leaves us feeling energized! 
  • Oh yea, I grew up with Lacy the Owner, and her and her husband Jan live here in Sandpoint Idaho with us and are amazing people and care so so so much about the bread they make!
 click the photo to visit their site!

click the photo to visit their site!

If you are curious about gluten-free breads, or if you have have had a crappy experience with them before.. give this stuff a try!

Another bonus (and yes this is a bonus) is it is more expensive than regular breads. This is a bonus because it keeps us from eating too much bread, the ingredients are super high-quality and thus more expensive, and it is truly worth every penny.

toast time

You can find it in your local Natural Health Food Store...

(and if they do not carry it, please request that they do) or you can simply buy it online!!! WHAT... buy bread online? who does that? Well it is actually a really cool way to do it....

  1. this bread is a frozen bread and that way keeps longer and stays fresher, when you toast it up it just becomes like heaven out of the freezer!
  2. Online shopping is easy and quick
  3. delivery straight to your door!

So there you have it, our opinion on gluten-free breads and why. And now for some fun. So the other day we went up to the local ski resort to help Lacy and Jan (from Happy Campers) plan ahead, and we mean way ahead-  by taking their Business Christmas card photo! 

Without a full spoiler, it was hilarious and so much fun!!! If you guys value supporting good people, I urge you to support our good friends Lacy and Jan by trying their bread. Checkout this EPIC Sledding VLOG!!! 

WHY WE THINK AVOIDING GLUTEN IS BULLSH** for us non-celiac folk 

Basically, it turns out that all of the studies and papers used to talk crap about gluten, have been done on people who have celiac disease (a severe gluten allergy) and have not been done on the general public who does not have an allergy to gluten. Of course the studies will show all these horrible affects of gluten if you have a real serious allergy to it, but for the rest of us, going "gluten-free" may lead you the wrong way nutritionally... 

I don't really want to talk to much about the science of this because I have not done the research myself, I have though read lots about it and listened to great podcasts like this one, from people who understand the subject much more than me.

So if you are interested, listen to this podcast by Thought For Food, it is well worth it!! 

Love you guys!