The value of the Transition Job while attempting to be a Pro-Runner {Don’t just quit everything to follow your passion!}

I was inspired to write this post because of a conversation I had with my friend Emily yesterday.

Basically I asked her about this new job she has that is keeping her so busy lately! She told me that she was inspired to follow one of her true passions and talents, in writing, content creating, design and identity creation for others. She is seriously talented by the way and if you are looking for someone to help you with your website, write a blog post, strengthen your brands identity, etc, you gotta check this girl out! This is her website so you can have a look at her skills and portfolio, or just get inspired!)

What really made me think was that she said that she did not just give up her current to pursue this passion driven idea, but instead she was working both of them right now and it was awesome!

I think this is brilliant.

Having a part-time or full time backup job while you are working on building reputation and clientele while following your passion is SO IMPORTANT! 

Gwen and I did just this for YEARS before we finally “quit” our jobs for real… and even so, we have jobs still.. just not the “regular” type. 


This has allowed us to still build our brand, follow our dreams, run a lot, travel, and pay the bills.. When lets face it, if we just quit everything outright and just wrote our blog here and made some Youtube videos there, we would not be making anything and we would probably have failed long ago.

Let me explain what we did, so it can perhaps help you think about how you could go about doing something similar… but different of course…

Gwen and I decided to do this thing to inspire people to eat more plants and get outside a long time ago.. 5 years ago…it was not exactly as elegant of an idea way back then but we were on the right track. At the time of this idea we were both volunteering for Sea Shepherd, then after a few years we were working for Sea Shepherd, and we were developing skills and building our brand way back then. We started our studies in Holistic Sports Nutrition while we had full time jobs, we were taking coaching clients and helping friends with their nutrition back then too. Looking back I sure am glad we did not quit right then and just go for it, we didn't have our shit together.. 

After a while we did leave that job and we moved to Idaho, where I did not have a job, but Gwen was still working for Sea Shepherd remotely. 
 my farmers market booth!

my farmers market booth!

As soon as I got to Sandpoint I got some money rolling in by creating my own mini baking company and selling my baked goods at the farmers market. This by the way is within my passion, and it happened to pay really well.

During the hours of the week when I was not running or baking, I would work on our website, Youtube videos, cookbook, and other things to develop our brand.

Gwen finally quit his job with Sea Shepherd and then we really were out of “real” employment, however before he quit he started training as a volunteer fire fighter, knowing that it would take him months of training before he could start actually volunteering and earning some money. 

So this choice was thought out, and quitting Sea Shepherd, allowed him to volunteer more at the fire station.. 

So using your spare time (after hours) while having real work, to develop skills to follow your passion is our method of doing things and it is working for us!

sunset from home-small.jpg

This conversation with Emily just made me think of all this, and I wanted to share it with you because it is pretty often that people ask me how the heck Gwen and I get by.

I also think that there are great benefits to having a part time gig (like my farmers market thing) to keep you busy even if you do not need the money. I find that when I am working full time on our business here from home, I am pretty isolated from people and real interaction. So having the farmers market even just one day a week allows me to talk and connect with people in a really meaningful way. This actually inspires me more, gives me fresh ideas, new perspective, and fuels me for the week to come! Sometimes I get really stuck in my bubble, and my way of seeing things is limited by my way of thinking, but when I get chatting to someone at the market about something, it reminds me that not everyone has access to good information about nutrition, or I become aware of a horrible health trend that I should address in a blog post. 

Basically I get inspired and fresh content for my brand/business by working another.

It seems pretty funny but it works for me, what do you think have you experienced the same? I would like to know.

Also as we create and start we realize that it is a long, slow process and it will take years before that is our full-time thing. So we are happy right now to have all of these other projects going on to keep us busy and keep the food stock steady!

Yes, I am trying to become a pro-runner one day but I am not counting on that to happen anytime soon, so for now I am creative in the ways I get the money coming in! :)

I think my next post will be more about the farmers market and what exactly I bake, how I set up, what is needed, etc. Because this model works really well and I would LOVE it if other people around the US (or world) would bake healthy plant-based goodies for their local farmers market! People need the options!

Ok this turned into a much longer post than I thought it would.. go figure! I suck at writing short stuff.. Ill work on that!

P.S. My knee is still swollen from my 100 miler, pretty painful, but it is getting better every day! 

Love you guys!



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