TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE {From Oregon post 50 Miler)

Hey everyone!

Sorry for not posting anything in a while, we were super busy traveling to Oregon for our 50 Miler, the Elkhorn crest 50 Miler put on by Crux Ridge Running! 

It was a really fun and beautiful ultra trail race in Sumpter Oregon, on some really really difficult trails. Out of the 50 runners, only 20 even finished the 50 miler, it was apparently the hardest race most of them had ever ran! We will be making an entire post about it and a video, so stay tuned for that.

This post is to share with you guys what we saw during the Solar Eclipse, August 21, 2017.. it was insane, we just happened to be literally in the PERFECT place to view it, to see totality and we did not even plan it.. The universe just made it happen!

So here the video is, it was beautiful and totally insane! 

Also, this morning we got a very exciting email from Salomon Running TV, letting us know that we had made the short list to be on the next episode of Salomon Running TV - "My Dream Trip"!!

More on all that to come, but it looks like I WAS SELECTED so i will be going to NORWAY with Emelie Forsberg and some others from Salomon!!! :)

This was the last episode of it, to let you know what it may be like...

Time to Play!

Love you guys,