Travel Tips as a Plant Based Runner {how we eat when we fly & drive}

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Being a Plant Positive runner who eats only the best things, airplane and airport food poses a bit of a problem. So we pack our own food on our long trips (even short trips actually) and it works really well for us..

So well that we often get asked exactly what we do, what we pack, how we prepare for our long international travel and manage to eat healthy yummy food.

So that is why i am writing this, to hopefully either answer some of your questions, give you ideas of how you can travel in a more healthy and cheaper way, or just inspire you to give something new a try!

A few things right off the bat, we love bananas and apples to travel, but you must be careful because Hawaii does NOT allow you to bring fruit onto the plane. Pretty much everywhere else we have travelled does allow you to bring fresh fruit onto the plane, even if they tell you you cannot bring it into the country of destination, you can still bring it on the plane. ( You can watch our video here about our fruit we tried to bring on the plane in hawaii... and how we had to eat it all.. before the plane!!!).

So when you hear people saying stuff like “You cannot bring fresh fruit, nuts, seeds, live plants, etc into X Country” this basically just means that as long as it is in your tummy before you go through customs in that country, you can totally bring it on the plane and eat it!


If airport security gives you a funny look or starts to give you trouble about this huge bag of food you are carrying on.. Tell them that you have a “Special Diet” and you need this food for your travel, as you cannot eat the items offered on the plane. IT WORKS!




Rice cakes

Nut Butter 2Go Packets  (like NuttZo Organic ones, our favorite, small enough to make it on the plane) or Peanut butter powder (because it is not a liquid or gel, it is ok)

Dried fruit (dates, apricots, bananas, etc)

Home made bean burritos (i will explain later)

Cliff Bars - Fig Bars - Snack Bars

Raw nuts and seeds (almonds, walnuts, pumpkin seeds)

Packaged Cooked Rice or Quinoa

Cereal (puffed cereal, corn flakes, etc)

mini carrots


Well some of these are no-brainers, they travel well, they are staples in our life and they are amazing, other things like the cereal and bean burritos may be a little more curious.


If you have ever tried surviving a 36 hour flight+travel on nothing but bananas, apples, dates and sweet stuff.. you know that the craving for something salty is real. Why this happens during flights? I can usually go all day on fruit, no problem.. at home that is. But on flights it is different. I am trapped in a small box with hundreds of other people snacking on slated peanuts, pretzels, cookies and extremely fragrant microwaved food that is served. Come meal time on a long flight, the savory smells are strong, so strong that being a Plant Positive Runner who never smells chicken - gets pretty grossed out by this.

None the less, it turns out that being around all this junk makes me want something salty and like a “real meal” too. This is why Burritos are the best!


    •    They also require no containers or anything, just wrapped well in foil and placed in a zip-lock bag, they are ready to eat anytime during travel.

    •    In the beginning we tried bringing cans of amy’s vegan re-fried beans and tortillas, you know the ones with the easy-open lids that you do not need a can opener for? Our plan was to make burritos if we wanted them during the flight. But security did not like the can of beans! We told them that there was only beans in there, the same thing that was in the burrito that we also had packed in the bag that they were allowing. Security told us that a pre-made burrito was fine, but beans in a can, not ok!

    ◦    so i took the can of beans and told the guy that i was going to make a burrito with it right now and bring that on.. and he said ok… How crazy is that!!

    •    So make your burritos at home!

    •    Do not add salsa or tomato (on long flights) because it will get soggy and gross.

    •    Use hot sauce, beans, rice, and that is basically it. The more things you add the higher the chances of it getting gross during travel.

    •    Wrap them in 2 layers of foil and put in a zip-lock bag! 

For a really simple recipe and blog post for those who want a fancier vegan burrito, checkout Vegan Momma's recipe here!



These little packets of goodness are amazing! We just recently became brand ambassadors for NuttZo (we asked them) because we love their stuff. It is the healthiest of nut butters as there is no crap.

They are so healthy, nuts and seeds with no added sugar or oil! The NuttZo2Go Size is perfect for travel, they are packaged small enough that they get through security!! AMAZING!!!

 If you cannot find these, or if you avoid nut butters, powdered peanut butter works well too. It is the perfect thing because you add water to it during the flight, mix it up and you got peanut butter!!

Pack it in a small tupperware big enough to anticipate adding some water to during travel. That way it is ready to go!

We eat the Nut Butters with our rice cakes, bananas and with our apples! SO GOOD!!! SO HEALTHY.. SO SIMPLE!!!


I dont know why but I am a huge snacker and muncher during flights and car rides. I get bored and i want to eat, even if I am not hungry. So how do i solve this? Eat something that is basically nothing.. Cereal and carrots. Both these things make great snacks for a few reasons. 1) they are one of the healthiest snacks you can snack on. I can eat an entire bag of organic puffed Kamut cereal if I want and I wont feel guilty.. What are the other choices to snack on when you are in a bind on the plane?,,,,, all the junk they give you like the free cookies, crap meals, etc! You do not want to get desperate or you will give into temptation!

Puffed cereal is easy to eat one tiny piece at a time and keeps me occupied and busy without stuffing my face with crap.

Carrot sticks are also great for this, even healthier but sometimes not as fun to eat as cereal! 

I have made myself a bowl of corn flakes, slices banana and water on a long flight before, and it was so good! What I did was I brought a travel bowl/cup on the plane, i mashed a banana and some water in the bowl to make a sweet milk like substance, and then i added the corn flakes! It was so yummy…


This stuff is great because it is super filling, healthy and does not have added junk. It also keeps for months so when I was traveling to bali I brought about 10 with me and I ate them the first few days I was there because I couldn't really find staple food right away.

What I do a lot when I go out to eat is I order the healthiest thing on the menu, which is usually way too small. I eat it, and then when I get home I eat the packet of rice (or sometimes i even bring the packet with me to the restaurant and add it to my meal without anyone seeing!!!)



Basically that is our tips you guys! We really hope that you take some of this inspiration into your next travel!

Also if you have some tips for us, please comment below and let us know!

We would LOVE it if you guys would share this blog with a friend who you think would like it, share it on your social media, etc. Help us get the word out about how easy it is to travel being a Plant Positive Runner! Oh and how fun it is!!!


Happy running, happy traveling, and until next time…. Eat More Plants + Be More Positive! 

-Katie ... and Gwen

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