Little Harrison & Beehive Lake {Trail Series - Selkirk Mountains - IDAHO}

Hey you all! So it is about time that I started to write trail reviews, after so many years adventuring to so many amazing places- you all have inspired me to start this series of trail review posts to help you guys adventure more, safely, more accurately and to more epic places!!!

We will start this off with one of my most favorite alpine lakes… ever.. Little Harrison Lake, right here in our home mountains - the Beautiful Selkirk Mountains.

If you want to come to this lake here are some resources for you!

A trail description, link to a STRAVA GPS File of the trail, and then of course, a link to the All-Trails-App which has so much info on the trail, directions, maps, photos and the latest comments and updates from the trail community (a truly great resource that you gotta use!).

Checkout our Video of this beautiful lake: Little Harrison Lake (Beehive lake not in video).

Beehive Lake ALL TRAILS.jpeg

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Beehive Lakes

FIRST, we ran/hiked to Beehive Lake which is super pretty and a really great place to camp and bring dogs. The first 1.5 miles of the trail are pretty darn runnable and then after that the last 3 are more of a hike. A total of 4.5 miles to Beehive lake from the trailhead.

Once at Beehive Lake you have to be pretty prepared and ready to bushwhack for about 1 hour to get to Little Harrison Lake.

See route to ridge

We do not recommend that you bring dogs on the bushwhack to Little Harrison (from beehive lake), it is too steep, rocky and technical for most dogs. However there is apparently a different trail to get to Little Harrison, from Harrison lake, and once we explore that one- we will report back to you guys here.

You climb up to the to the north of Beehive lake, there is no trail we just found a more rocky and less bushy approach that worked. From the ridge, work your way up near the top and in a little dip you will see a clear trail going down (in between two huge rocks) towards Little Harrison. Take this trail down, and is soon disappears and you are back to bushwhacking your way down to the lake.

If you cannot find this trail down from the ridge, keep going up towards the peak on the ridge, if you are at the peak and did not find it, work your way back down the ridge to try to find it again, you can see in this satellite image that it is near the upper most part of the ridge, but not at the top, and definitely not too low on the ridge. Take a screen shot of this image or use the All-Trails-App while you are out there to help you find it.

Here is my Strava move from the first day we went up here, we did NOT go all the way to Little Harrison this day - but we did hang out at Beehive lake and then bushwhack up to the ridge where we found the trail to go down. So where you can see my move turning around on the ridge, that is where that trail is to start the bushwhack down to Little Harrison.