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So if you follow us on social media you know that Saturday Gwen raced the Priest Lake 50k in Priest Lake Idaho, and did great, winning a $100 gift card to Altra Running, which we were so excited about and immediately used it to get the newest shoe by Altra, their Escalante!! Gwen is going to run in this shoe for his 100 miler in France in 6 weeks! 

So, checkout the video and get back to this post (below video) if you want to hear more about how we use races sometimes as training runs, and what was our reasoning for not going full out during this race like we do in many others. 

Using a 50k as a training run

When we first signed up for this race (in December) we were thinking we would race it and being 6 weeks out from our 100 miler it would be sufficient enough time to recover and do well for our goal race, which was the 100. 

After running our last 50k just 3 weeks before (which is when I - Katie- Injured myself) Gwen had learned a valuable lesson that he did not want to ignore. We were running high mileage weeks leading up into that 50k, and we had to taper substantially to be at a point where our legs felt ready to go full out and go for the win. So it took 2 weeks of lower mileage leading into that race, to taper appropriately. The strategy worked and we felt fresh and strong going into the race (expect for my slight leg pain that I ignored).

After that 50k we took the week after to recover and Gwen had yet another week at 70 miles, (which is lower than he wanted to build a strong base for his 100). The next week he was up to 83 miles and then last week at 105 miles. 

So going into this 50k he knew that if he wanted to race at his best, he would have to taper yet again for it, and probably go back down at least to 70 miles the week before the race.. this would mean that he would have almost a month of low-mileage 7 weeks out from his peak race... He knew this was not a winning strategy. 

The theory of our training strategy for this 100 miler was to build lots of easy miles, and get at least 2x 100 mile weeks in about 2 months out, and then keep relatively high mileage until the last month, then taper for the big race. (if you want to know more, watch this video where we explain more about this strategy).

So he decided NOT TO TAPER, keeping a constant high-mileage base is more important at this point in Gwen's training then compromising that to attempt to win a small race in middle of north Idaho that no one even knows 

The week before this 50k he was at 83 miles, building back up, and then the week of the race he had not taken a day off, and all ready ran lots. He also wanted to use this weekend to try a LONG-RUN strategy known as the Back-To-Back-Long-Run, and run 20 miles the day after the 50k.

If you want to read a really good article about Long-Runs by David Roche, check this one out in Trail Runner Magazine )

This is what his week looked like leading into this 50k:

  • Monday: 6.4 miles
  • Tuesday: 10.1 miles
  • Wednesday: 10.6 miles
  • Thursday: am 5.1, pm 11.2 (16.3 total)
  • Friday: 10.2
  • Saturday: RACE - 31.5
  • Sunday: 20

And it was a success, he was able to complete it all feeling really really good. Building a strong base for his upcoming 100 miler. I took the opportunity to make a cool VLOG and be his support, which he didn't even need because he was running at such an easy slow pace. But it was still fun for me.

Good news for me, I am back to running!!! So excited, and happy to be running again... but unsure if I will be attempting the 100 miler in 6 weeks.. we will see!

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