WE GOT SKATE SKIS {Our winter cross-training for running just got serious}

WE GOT SKATE SKIS {Our winter cross-training for running just got serious}

Skate Skis.jpg

You guys this is so flipping exciting! We have been dreaming about cross-country skiing, skate skiing or whatever skiing during the winter for a while now, and today we brought it into action!


Good question and when I first thought about the idea of cross country skiing during the winter to train I wasn't that excited about it because I just wanted to run, but then last winter we realized that it is really hard to run during some conditions, when there is SO MUCH snow that the trail is gone, running just becomes a slog.

So we tried snowshoeing, which was great, but it was slow.. and heavy.. and did not really offer the same aerobic workout that running does because to run slowly with snowshoes on it is really freaking difficult, so my heart rate is just too high to be sustainable or fun..

Also snowshoeing does not give me the same "runners high" that running does.. 

So yes, we do run in the snow and we LOVE it... you can watch some of our videos from last winter running in the snow. But it is not possible every day.

Yes, we do snowshoe in the winter, even really long distances sometimes to get up to a peak, which is so so fun.. snow.. and also not do-able every day for us..

So we have been searching for something else to fit into our WINTER RUNNING/TRAINING routine, allowing us to be OUTSIDE and having fun EVERY DAY!!!

If we can run 3 days a week, snowshoe 1 day a week, that is 4 days done, but what about the other 3 days.. we want something to do... and NOW WE CAN SKATE SKI those days!!!!! 

Another consideration for us was price…. Gwen got a part time job this winter at the ski resort, Schweitzer Mountain Resort, which is one of the best mountains in North America, and this means we get FREE SEASON PASSES!!

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So we were going to try go get into backcountry, but then we realized the time it will take to learn it all, get the gear and the outrageous price of all that gear, we would be looking at well over $400 each of used gear at a really good deal just to get us with a basic set of backcountry gear.. and then we would be limited to other factors such as snow conditions/safety, time we have to devote each day to getting out there, and experience.

We wanted to have the most fun possible this winter while watching out for our finances the best we can.. starting a non-profit and remodeling our house all at the same time, right after we quit our jobs.. doesn't leave us with much spending money!!! lol..

Thank goodness I have a Holiday Farmers Market this weekend to make some money at selling my baked goods!

We finally decided that we would give skate skiing a try, because apparently it offers an aerobic workout similar to that of running, even high intensity stuff or long lower intensity skating is totally possible.. 

skate ski feet.jpg

Having access to the ski resort was another HUGE consideration because Skate Skiing requires groomed trails, and without the pass to the report we would only have a small 1 mile loop here in town, that would not always be good because its at such low elevation. So once we found out that Gwen got the job and we would get free passes to the resort which has over 25 miles of groomed cross-country ski trails it was a no brainer!!

skate ski set up rossignal WEB.jpg



This is a good question, and originally I was really thinking that classic/nordic cross-country skiing would be best for my knees and hip imbalance because I figured that it would be good to have my legs tracking straight forward (where skate skiing your legs move like on roller blades, out to the side and back).. But after watching some YouTube videos on the differences between the two styles some good points where made that convinced me that skating would actually benefit my imbalances. 

Because the motion works muscles side to side, diagonally and abnormally to that of running, Skate skiing would essentially mimic the movements I am currently doing in my physical therapy / strength training to increase strength in my knees, gluts and hips to avoid further injury while running..

So actually I was wrong initially, if I only do classic skiing with my feet moving straight in front of me, it will essentially be exactly the same as running, and not really cross strengthening my muscles at all.. it could even increase imbalances and make things worse!

I hope that reading this may help you if you are considering ways to cross train as a runner in the snow or winter.. 

Also don't be afraid of the cold, it gets down to -10F below zero here in Sandpoint Idaho and we still get out there and run or whatever. With some good gloves, hat, socks and leggings, a long sleeve and wind breaker you will have enough. On those really cold days that are below say 15F we usually wear neck warmers too! 

About the gear we got: We got used sets of Rossignal Skis, bindings, boots, poles because we got a crazy good deal on them - $200 each which wasn’t something we could pass up! If you want to know what size skis and poles to get, check out the brands website for a chart on that info because it is particular to that ski.. it goes by weight not only height!

Love you guys,


Oh here is our VLOG from that day!

skate ski boots rossignol WEB.jpg
skate ski 2ymax rossignal WEB.jpg

Also, we are opening up a few spots on our coaching program right now, so if you are interested, email us!