Finally a sustainable cruelty-free Skincare line that actually works! {SIBU Beauty}


Ever since I started to really care about the ingredients of the products that I put on my skin, it has become increasingly difficult to find good quality products that work well. And of course I also seek out the cruelty-free only options, which limits my options even more. But this is important to me and so I stick to it. They also harvest the berries and produce their products in a very ethical sustainable way!! Win Win! 

The main issue I have is I get really dry skin around my mouth 2 times a year and I have never been able to make it go away, no matter what moisturizer I use. So this year when it happened I tried something new, I tried a new product by SIBU beauty, (after finding out about how they are a vegan company I wanted to try it out) and it changed my skin completely!

After one day my skin was clear, no more dry spot!!! And it has not come back ever since.


This is seriously crazy and I cannot believe it is just from using their Rejuvenating Night Cream directly on the dry spot!! :) 

I am so happy and I just wanted to share this with anyone who is seeking out something similar.

Also the smell is so nice of all their products and I really love the Nourishing Face Cream during the day because it is light and does not make my face oily at all! 

Hope this helps!