Hey guys! 

We wanted to take a minute to talk to you about a few things that are important to us right now.



Starting with #1.

So, here is a few of our latest YouTube videos about running in the MOUNTAINS! Oh and we will soon be getting you guys a cool video and update about Katie's latest 50k, the Elk Valley Ultra 50K in Fernie BC. It was a crazy fun hard beautiful high mountain race that had 9,500ft of climbing!! Insane! So stay tuned for that!

#2 is about love, love your life, love your body love what you do

Guys... we just want to tell you that you are worth it. You must love your life, your body, and especially what you do. If you don't, please make some changes and start doing things you love... end of rant.

#3, COOL POPLE: Thought for Food Lifestyle

Ok, if you guys have not yet heard of Thought For Food Lifestyle, you gotta check them out! 

The thing we love most from them is their PODCASTS, they have some seriously epic shit, great content, funny, educational and inspiring episodes that you can download and listen to whenever! 

They are seeking advice and want viewers to take their survey, so if you are a lover of what they do or if you are new to them, it would mean a lot to them to take this quick survey so we can help them make better content for us all! 

They also have really great videos on YouTube!

That is it! We love you guys, and we hope you are inspired to eat more plants and get outside and do something EPIC!

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