We specialize in helping runners transition to a plant based diet so they can  reach their peak performance and happiness.

Our mission is to inspire people to make positive changes in their life that will ultimately benefit our planet.


Our Running Philosophy

Katie and Gwen are passionate about trail running.

Specifically trail running because we love to spend time in nature, explore new areas, and reaching places where not many people have been! That is our main drive, to explore further. That is the reason why we tend to enjoy ultra trail running! That can definitely sound weird to most people, but not to you - that’s why you have found us!  Most people think “why would you run for 50 miles, 100 miles? Why would we run for hours, through the day, through the night, running when everyone is sleeping?  We love not only exploring new places, but exploring our physical self, our limits, we want to know what our body is capable of. Getting to know our limits, getting to know your limits. How far can we go, can you go? How fast can you go that distance? Not to beat anybody, but to know your real limits. By exploring our limits, we keep pushing it further, and further!

While all these adventures sound really exciting (at least if you are like us!), it requires a strong base and that we prepare correctly. You don’t become a navy seal because you are a crazy warrior, you become a navy seal because you train meticulously and properly.

It is the same thing with ultra running. It is very easy to become addicted to running long distance, but without a structure in your training, you will end up frustrated because of an overuse injury that will keep you away from what you love, running.
You don’t want to be the crazy puppy running everywhere and crashing soon, we want to be the wise older doggy that manages effort properly. This is what have learned over the years.

That is when the more traditional running comes in place. If you want to run long distances on trail, it doesn’t mean you don’t have to go on track once in a while, or do some tempo workouts. If you are not familiar with all of this, that is not a problem. We will walk you through it. Basically, our body is made of several systems. We want to target specifically these different system in order to develop our abilities. This is what we do in our personalized running training plans.


We develop our training programs individuallyworking with your specific life schedule, to create the most adapted training to your situation and your current level of training. We take it from where it is and bring you up to speed safely to minimize the risk of injury. 

Our training plans are in the form of an interactive excel spreadsheet where you can see the daily workout assigned with specific instructions from us, your coaches. Everyday you enter the results and your comments on the workout, so we can analyse your performance.

Our RUNNING program includes running workouts, specific stretching and rolling recovery guidelines, aerobic cross training, plyometric workouts, core routines, and body weight strengthening. We also include nutrition education for your specific knowledge, so you have all the tools you need to reach your goals!

Peak performance running plan: $140/month

Click the photo to sign up for this plan, it is hosted through Patreon.com. You will be re-directed to our Patreon Page where you can then choose the plan and sign up for all the perks!

Click the photo to sign up for this plan, it is hosted through Patreon.com. You will be re-directed to our Patreon Page where you can then choose the plan and sign up for all the perks!

For those new to working with a coach, and the plan for those new to a plant based diet.

  • What It Includes: 
    • Personalized interactive running training plan
    • Weekly 50 Min Call
    • Unlimited email / text / messaging
    • Our Nutrition Education Program: Optimal Performance for Vegan Athletes
    • HealthyFit Runners Cookbook
    • Meal Plans
  • (after 3 months with this plan you will have the knowledge and base you need to succeed! If you want to continue coaching after 3 months, we suggest our “Keep Running plan” [less $ and less 1 on 1 time with us]

Click the photo to sign up for this plan, it is hosted through Patreon.com. You will be re-directed to our Patreon Page where you can then choose the plan and sign up for all the perks!

Click the photo to sign up for this plan, it is hosted through Patreon.com. You will be re-directed to our Patreon Page where you can then choose the plan and sign up for all the perks!

Keep running plan: $75/month

For those who have gone through our Peak performance plan and want to continue training with us, also for those who do not want any nutrition education and less one on one support

  • What it includes:
    • Personalized Interactive Running Training Plan
    • Monthly 50 min call
    • email support

why work with Katie and gwen?

  • Get 2 Coaches for the price of 1
  • SAVE MONEY! Our coaching is less than a gym membership, while offering so much more!
  • Learn the most important aspects of Nutrition without spending thousands of dollars on a course or obtaining a certificate!
  • We have the experience end expertise that you need to guide you on this journey
  • We inspire you to be your best version of you!
  • Customized Meal plans and Shopping lists that suit Your specific needs
  • Customized Workout plans that are just for you, tailored to the sports you enjoy
  • Together we create a super coach that offers SO MUCH KNOWLEDGE AND EXPERIENCE! 

  • We get stuff done! We get clients to where they want to be, and we achieve goals ourselves seem un-imaginable to others!


Please contact us now for a free chat "consultation" to see how we can help you and to answer any questions you may have!



  • Improved mood and happiness

  • more energy to do the things you love

  • better concentration

  • clearer skin

  • weight loss, decrease in body fat and increase in lean muscle

  • improved health, strong immune system

  • decreased need for caffeine and stimulants

  • better sleep

  • less stress and more confidence because you will be on a path and have a mission!

  • improved self image and self confidence

  • new life perspective!

  • increase in financial savings (more money in the bank and less spent on things you do not need

You will become happier, healthier and more energetic as time goes on with this lifestyle,

we guarantee you're going to LOVE it!

10 reasons to hire a coach:

  1. You want to become healthy, vibrant and happy but do not know how to get there.
  2. You need someone to hold you accountable.
  3. To provide Clarity to your life so you make fewer mistakes on your journey to health, happiness and success
  4. You want to heal your body without the use of drugs (or less drugs)
  5. You want a long-term lifestyle change that will last forever
  6. you want more energy, vibrancy, focus and precision in your life
  7. you want to be less stressed
  8. You want to learn how to be truly happy with yourself and with the ones you love
  9. You want to learn how to take control of your health, fitness and physical body and find out what truly works for your body
  10. You will save $ in the long run because you will not be wasting money on diet pills, diet foods, and other gimmicks that have never and will never work for you!


- hear it from a real person

When I got to meet Katie and Gwen I had no idea how much they were going to change my life! I knew about veganism and I always wanted to give it a try, but always failed. They taught me so much about nutrition & health.. and actually after the first long conversation I went vegan overnight and it was the best decision ever!!
Shortly after I was able to run again (had lots of foot pain til then) ! With a plant-based nutrition my inflammation dissappeared which made running daily possible again! Also I had waaaay more energy eating this way!!
Then they made a running plan for me and 3 months later I did my first ultra trail race with Katie Thank you so much for everything!!             - Stephanie
Running gear is here!

Running gear is here!

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vegan nutrition guide and free meal plan
Checkout our Vegan Running Specific Gear!

Checkout our Vegan Running Specific Gear!